The Ride of Pride

One of the things that attracted me to Schneider National, after retiring from active duty, was the company’s dedication to the nation’s veterans. In fact, Schneider’s dedication is such that it has five trucks specially designed to honor those who serve, those who have served, and those who gave their lives in service for us all. Appearing at special events, veterans’ observances, and recruiting events where the company explains its hiring and assistance programs tailored to veterans, these trucks represent Schneider National to the public and, even more importantly in my opinion, they represent our military to the public at large.

IMAG0696.jpgDrivers for these trucks are selected after careful review of their military service records, their driving and safety record, and after an in-depth interview process. Today, it was my privilege to be given the keys to one of these Ride of Pride trucks after a wonderful little ceremony at our Memphis Operating Center. The managers were on hand to talk about what an honor it is to have one of these trucks assigned to the Operating Center in Memphis, and they made more of a fuss about me than was necessary. For my part, I tried to express to the gathering how deeply honored I am not only to represent the company, but to represent my brothers and sisters in arms, those who put it all on the line for us now, as well as those who went before. 

IMAG0691.jpgWhen someone wins the lottery, it invariably sparks conversations among others as to what they would do if they suddenly found themselves financially set for life. Me? I’d volunteer with the USO, doing what I can to make sure that those who sign with their blood on the dotted line are well cared for. While I’ve not yet reached the point that I can do that … I will try to reflect at least a measure of their dedication with my words, my actions, and with this beautiful truck honoring all who serve. They should never be forgotten, nor diminished. That they should remain front and center in our nation’s heart, is the goal to which I dedicate myself.