The Real Tragedy of 9-11

This morning, while watching US Open tennis on television, my blood headed toward the boil as an announcer commemorated tomorrow’s anniversary of the “9-11 tragedy.”  For variety, he later employed the synonym “disaster.”  At no point was the word “attack” used or, for that matter, any other accurate description of the mass-murder perpetrated by jihadists 10 years ago.  Apparently, Americans have 9-11 as our biggest natural disaster while the Japanese have the recent earthquake and tsunami.  Same thing.

As always, Mark Steyn summarizes it best:

And so we commemorate an act of war as a “tragic event,” and we retreat to equivocation, cultural self-loathing, and utterly fraudulent misrepresentation about the events of the day. In the weeks after 9/11, Americans were enjoined to ask, “Why do they hate us?” A better question is: “Why do they despise us?” And the quickest way to figure out the answer is to visit the Peace Quilt and the Wish Tree, the Crescent of Embrace and the Hole of Bureaucratic Inertia.