The Orwellian Language of Tax Discussions

On Fox News Sunday today, David Axelrod outlined the President’s objection to an across the board extension of the about-to-expire tax cuts:

“President Barack Obama, he said, “feels we have to proceed in a way that’s fiscally responsible, and we just can’t afford to borrow another $700 billion for tax cuts that almost entirely are going to go to milli…

  1. Pilgrim

    Great points! To extend the analogy, suppose the “employee” (government) said “I realize that the company is in for some hard times and we “employees” have gotten together and decided that the company is going to need to lay-off 50% of those grubby, blue-collar guys down on the factory floor — this will allow us to maintain the jobs and salaries up here in Education and Training, Administrative Services, and Legal Affairs”

  2. River

    Exactly right, “This tax cut will cost the government $500 billion!” As though they already own it all, and we exist to fund them. It’s a deadly madness.

  3. Michael Tee

    Any cut in an increase in spending is labeled a cut in spending. To wit: let’s say instead of increasing NIH funding by 6%, Congress proposes an increase of only 5%, that’s a cut in spending.

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