The Obama Gun Control Proposal

Well, that was an anti-climax. The president’s proposals are so vague that virtually every one of them will have to await further detail before we know just how bad they are. He wants the 1994 assault weapons ban renewed … “and strengthened.” Strengthened – how? He doesn’t say. Is he endorsing Senator Feinstein’s proposal, which significantly expands the previous ban and brings us much closer to banning all semi-automatics (the majority of guns). 

He’s not forcing doctors to snitch on their patients; he’s just saying that Uncle Sam won’t be upset if they do. And so on.

Over at Newsmax TV, I offer my initial impressions of the gun ban. As I noted in my post from last night, I think we all need to take a step back and ask where the federal government gets the power to do half the things that Obama proposes. But I also don’t think Obama will be impeached over the gun proposals.