The Obama Generation: 6 in 10 Want More Government

A new poll reveals that 6 in 10 young people want more government in their lives. Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has made a point of pandering to youth. Looks like it’s working.

Obamacare, record numbers on food stamps, unprecedented student loan subsidies, the unalienable right to free birth control pills–young people like the handouts and they want more.

November 6th, 2012 was America’s declaration of dependence. Now you can order takeout on your Obamaphone, and the government commissary will deliver the roasted head of a genuine, organic, corn-fed American taxpayer on a silver platter, oozing with BBQ sauce. And you can pay for the meal with your EBT card.

My grandmother recently told me about how her father refused to take a job with the WPA during the Great Depression because it was viewed as make-work, or welfare in disguise. The view toward government has changed. In those days, government help was a last resort. Now it’s every rung on the ladder of success.

Yesterday we found out that the BET crowd has anointed Obama “Lord and Savior.” Today, I’m thinking the president’s youthful devotees may give him another divine title: Jehovah Jirah–which means, in biblical terms, something like “God, our provider.”

Look at it in the context of the recent presidential election. The results of that campaign reveal a crisis of character and culture in this country. Let’s face it, this is a coddled generation. For 6 in 10, The Life of Julia was disturbingly biographical.

It may take 20 or 30 years staring at the mirror for them to figure out the answer to the question they forgot to ask: Who’s gonna pay for all this?

What’s the solution? I think somebody needs to tell these 6 in 10 to go jump off a fiscal cliff. Maybe the fall will knock some sense into them.