The Next Senator from South Carolina

…could very well be Tim Scott, Congressman from South Carolina’s 1st District, which runs up the coast from just south of Charleston all the way up to the border of North Carolina.

Although it’s up to Governor Nikki Haley to make the appointment, Scott is Jim DeMint’s choice, apparently. From The Hill:

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) has made it known in South Carolina that he wants Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) to replace him in the Senate, two state Republican sources tell The Hill.

The sources, requesting anonymity to speak candidly, say Scott is DeMint’s preference for the seat, though the final decision will be Gov. Nikki Haley’s (R). She will appoint someone to serve out the rest of DeMint’s term after he officially resigns from the Senate to take over the conservative Heritage Foundation in January. An election for the seat will then be held in 2014 for the remaining two years of the term.

And Tim Scott is a pretty solid conservative. From WaPo:

Scott has a down-the-line conservative record that few in the party would balk at. The Club for Growth likes him, and the tea party likes him. In addition, he’s a member of the House leadership and thus has ties to the establishment wing of the party.

“Tim Scott has an excellent record on our issues, but right now we’re not even thinking about who the replacement will be,” Club for Growth spokesman Barney Keller told The Fix.

Oh, and one other thing. Here’s a photo of Congressman Tim Scott:

Which means Nikki Haley has a chance to do something historic: Scott would be the first African-American Republican in the Senate since Reconstruction. And he’s be the only African-American in there now.

And he’s a conservative.