The Newest Disgrace

The Wall Street Journal distinguishes itself this morning, offering the news straight and well-reported.  In “Possible Associate of Suspect is Sought,” we learn that Jared Loughner may have had an accomplice.  In “Judge Remembered as Fair-Minded,” we find a profile of the slain Judge Roll, a sober, hard-working jurist.  And in “Gunman Described Himself as ‘Terrorist,'” we learn that Loughner was a rock musician, a pothead, a high school dropout, and a very ill young man who had caused five disturbances at his community college and posted a long series of strange, disjointed videos on YouTube in which he claimed to be capable of “mind control” and railed against “English grammar.”   

Political content?  Zero.

Which brings us to the New York Times.

The Times’s lead headline at this hour:  ”In Attack’s Wake, Political Repercussions.”  Other stories at this hour on the Times’s online front page:  ”Boodshed Puts New Focus on Vitriol on Politics” and “A Turning Point in the Discourse, But in Which Direction?” 

Disgraceful.  Utterly disgraceful.