The Most Terrifying French Horn Entrance in the Repertoire

I loved doing the Ricochet podcast this morning—the highlight of my week. 

That Firebird entrance—you’ll know what I’m talking about if you listen to the podcast—is a killer. In the video below, the horn entrance starts at 26:32. Clearly, some sort of revenge against horn players. Stravinsky must have lost a girlfriend to one.

In general, playing principal horn in an orchestra is an odd mix of boredom and terror. You sit there for 20 minutes, getting all cold and stiff. Then you have a scary entrance like that. Even worse than Firebird, listen to the opening of Bruckner 4. Total nightmare.

It’s good to start out playing horn for a living for 12 years and then do something else. For the rest of my life, I’ll always note that whatever I’m doing is easier because I’m not holding a French horn.

If you want more laughs, my team posted this set of old music photos. Ah, the ravages of time.