The Most Desperate Political Ad In History

 I’ve always found that a good rule of thumb before doing something potentially stupid and embarrassing is to ask myself, “What would my daughters think if they found out about this?”

The President should have considered that rule of thumb before approving this ad:

What say you?

  1. Nick Stuart

    On Twitter @Stranahan: I believe the follow-up to the Obama “My First Time” ad is called “Flip Over, Let’s Try It This Way For My Second Term”

  2. paulebe

    MY EYES! MY EYES!  Dreck!!!!

    To respond to CJ’s appropriate question

     “What would my daughters think of this ad?” 

    My fear is that, after being soaked in the worldview of Mom and Dad, they’d think it was awesome.

  3. deoac

    How precisely is first-time sex like voting for Obama?  Losing one’s virginity is usually an awkward, painful, somewhat embarrassing act performed by people who are pretty much ignorant of the subject matter.

    Oh, wait…

  4. Sisyphus

    On the peer pressure aspect, it has no impact coming from a creepy, repulsive, tatted up girl for hire. The whole presentation just screams disease vector. Had I run across this creature in a restaurant in my bachelor days, I would have changed restaurants.

  5. veni vidi vesci

    That made me laugh out loud.  I’m sure those undecideds will be swayed by the Dems’ choice of spokesperson.  Nice tat!

  6. GadgetGal
    Strategoist: Not seeing the video…is it this one? (below) · in 0 minutes


  7. C.J. Box

    Thank you for the assist.  Now to figure out how to remove that empty YouTube box…

  8. Goldgeller
    Ryan M: It is kind of funny… while clearly inappropriate. The ad itself doesn’t disgust me, but I am disgusted in that it seems to degrade a serious topic and appeal to the lowest common denominator. I’m not above inappropriate humor- but politicians ought to be. Its like wearing a tie in court. We are getting “college” about far too much. And there need to be things that are above that. · 7 hours ago

    Very well said.

    I don’t think it was “kinda funny though.” I see where some people might say it’s clever.  Part of me is creeped out by the add– I don’t get fusing politics and sexual innuendo… but it is kinda clever.  

    I think at this point we now see that Romney and Ryan are the adults in the room. From the Biden Debate Disaster to  the”80s called…” and “horses and bayonets” line and this… the “vote with your lady parts” on twitter… The Obama campaign isn’t running an adult campaign right now…

  9. doc molloy

    Is this it? First time sex choice and voting.. note the warrior tattoo. This is getting low and tatty. Indeed, grubby. But what would one expect.. scraping the barrel. To equate voting with first time sex takes some serious consideration. I guess she had protection, eh? Should be condomed.

  10. tabula rasa

    She is clueless and should be profoundly embarrassed. Surely the Obama campaign can’t believe this will help.  If it does, then heaven help the nation.

  11. Cuban Mike

    Looks like they removed it.  Is this the one Mark Levin was talking about earlier this evening?

    EDIT:  Should have refreshed prior to posting.  It is the one.  I hope feminists are happy, the Obama campaign believe women will vote with their genitalia before they vote with their brain.  Very condescending and down right repugnant.

  12. Mollie Hemingway
    C.J. Box: Thank you for the assist.  Now to figure out how to remove that empty YouTube box… · 7 minutes ago


  13. Sisyphus

    My browser did not want to play that, so I water boarded it until it lost the will to resist. Did you see the tat taking over her right arm? That’s a gateway for Cthulu in the final stages, which explains the babbling and obvious insanity. Within minutes it will consume the human host and discard the soul the way you or I might discard a cherry pit.

    Everything you need to know about where the $13T went is explained in painful squanderdog style in 63 seconds. I think Romney should run it if Obama stops.

  14. Commodore BTC


    utter desparation

  15. HeartofAmerica

    Well wasn’t that special!

    I am feeling better and better about this election every day.

  16. Mollie Hemingway

    I can not wait to compare media coverage of this ad to media coverage of the so-called “gaffe” made by Richard Mourdock when he said God loves all the babies.

  17. Red Feline
    tabula rasa: She is clueless and should be profoundly embarrassed. Surely the Obama campaign can’t believe this will help.  If it does, then heaven help the nation. · 5 minutes ago

    Yuck! Heaven help the nation, indeed! 

  18. Mollie Hemingway

    I actually really like Lena Dunham and her show Girls is brilliant. John Podhoretz wrote about it:

    Whatever it is these girls and boys want with each other, they don’t have the foggiest idea how to get it. The bitter honesty about the failings of these articulate, interesting, amusing people is just one of the tough-minded qualities that sets Girls apart from the more winning but profoundly false we-are-women-hear-us-roar gender-solidarity fantasy that was Sex and the City. That show was largely the work of men writing for women: Maybe Dunham seems able to dispense with the fairy tale and show the rivalries and tensions among the four girls precisely because she is a woman.

    There is no question that in the heralding of this spectacular young talent, Girls is a real sign of life for American culture—even if what Girls says about the condition of young Americans offers some cause for deep despair.

    I’m convinced it’s the most devastating social conservative critique of feminist culture out there.

  19. Indaba

    Would a middle aged man go on Pimp with a Limp and go home and tell their daughters? There is your answer about why a Monica Lewinsky wannabe is seen to be appropriate imagery for voting.

    Voting as your first time… Did Hollywood write this one?

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