The liberal wing of the Muslim Brotherhood

As much as I hate to roil the waters by questioning James Clapper’s views on the Muslim Brotherhood -  surely he’s privy to a dossier that spells everything out and has a secret basement with 12 video screens detailing all the current covert activity against MB plots PLUS James Earl Jones on speed dial to read all the flash dispatches in his trademark Important Voice  – these remarks in a Wednesday Senate hearing fail to reassure.  

(The Muslim Brotherhood) also has different factions, including a conservative wing whose interpretation of Islam runs counter to broad electoral participation and a younger, more liberal wing who is more inclined to work through a secular political process,” he said.

Whether it runs counter to broad electoral participation would seem to be irrelevant, because if they get into power there will be no more electoral participation, period. As for the “younger, more liberal wing” – no doubt sporting tongue-studs and Super Mario tats and uploading cellphone photos of Iranian stonings they ran through those cool apps that make things look like grainy 70s photos hipsters love – does he believe these liberals won’t make common cause with the “conservative” wing the moment they got their hands on all the levers?