The Liberal Media & the Polls

Has it ever crossed your mind — as you wade through Pravda-on-the-Hudson or Pravda-on-the-Potomac, listen to National Pink Radio, or watch one of the networks that collectively constitute Pravda-on-the-Boob Tube — that the polls that they commission might be fixed and designed to manipulate the electorate?

No, you say. They wouldn’t do that, and the pollsters would not go along. Well, I am a suspicious fellow, and I regularly wonder whether the man who pays the pollster does not frequently determine the result. We know that these days the mainstream media “manages” the news in such a way as to manipulate the public. We know that they suppress news unfavorable to the party they favor and hype news unfavorable to the party they dislike. One need only mention the word Benghazi and the point is made.

Suppose, just suppose, that an outlet of the mainstream media hired a pollster who got results that the editors did not like one bit. Would they, could they demand that the numbers be rejiggered? Well, as John Podhoretz points out, this is precisely what the liberal Salt Lake Tribune recently did, and the Mason-Dixon pollsters responded by rolling over. Read his piece. It is a real eye-opener.

This may help explain why so many of the polls this year have been radically skewed towards the Democrats — with a partisan breakdown that, in many cases, makes 2008 look like a Republican year.