The Idea of Conspiracy Has Taken Control

The Imam’s Army drama is one of the stranger things I’ve ever witnessed in a lifetime of witnessing strange things. Remember I mentioned the site that claims to have Ahmet Şık’s book and to be counting down to releasing it on the Internet? Reported today in Hürriyet: 

The website’s manager appears to be “cemaat” and the address in the site’s “Information” section is that of Fethullah Gülen’s real address in Pennsylvania. The person who purchased the URL apparently lives in Washington.

Oh, oh, oh. So many questions. First–what the hell? You get it what a cemaat is, right? There’s no translation with all the emotive overtones in English. The literal translation is “religious organization,” but in this context it should be translated as “a member of Fethullah Gülen’s multi-tentacled conspiracy to bring the entire solar system under his control.” Now remember, Şık’s book–allegedly–contains evidence that Gülen has taken control of the police, and when the police carted him off, Şık was shouting, “Anyone who touches Gülen burns!” So the intimation that this website is actually a Gülenist front is–how can I put this?–look, whoever’s handling this book’s publicity, can we be in touch? I want you on Team Berlinski.

This was reported, by the way, in what is basically an opposition paper, especially since it’s facing extinction-by-taxation. And this gets weirder–oh yes, it can, and oh yes it does. As our member Okan reasonably asked me, “How could they see what is private under domainsbyproxy? Did they hack it?” And when you look–well, do you see a cemaat address, or a Pennsylvania one? 

So what could possibly be going on here? Can anyone tell me, technically, whether we’re missing something?

I’m not even going to ask whether anyone can guess just what kind of conspiracy we’re dealing with. We can’t. It’s beyond the ken of the Occidental mind. It’s beyond the ken of the Turkish mind, too, which is the most interesting part. No one knows what’s going on, no one can provide evidence of anything, no account of this makes sense, no one has a straight story, no one seems to know which side he’s on; the government can’t even keep up any kind of straight line about it. The conspiracy has now wrapped itself around its own tail so many times that no one could be in control of it, even in theory. There’s a vaporous black ether of conspiracy everywhere you look, to be sure, and it seems to be more powerful, this ether, than anything of human agency could ever be. 

Amazingly, the idea of conspiracy is now running this country.