The Fighting Irish

Here’s a twofer today — terrific editorial in WSJ today on HHS mandate, which I didn’t write, so I’m free to praise it. The other is this post in National Review, which takes off from the WSJ editorial to note that many of President Obama’s Catholic supporters now accusing him of betrayal were party to the bill of goods he was selling the public about his being a new style Democrat more respectful of faith.

Here’s a taste of the NR post by publisher Jack Fowler:

A number of embarrassed, fellow-traveling Catholic liberals — from E. J. Dionne and Michael Sean Winters to the Jesuit America magazine and Doug (ugh!) Kmiec and Sr. Carol Keenan of the Catholic Health Association — have all called the president to task for this betrayal. Too little and too late, Kathy Dahlkemper, one of the pro-life Democrats in Congress who ended up providing one of the critical votes for Obamacare (and lost her seat as a result), now says she never would have voted for the bill if she knew this would happen….

Father Jenkins bears a particular burden. It wasn’t enough for him to give President Obama perhaps the most visible Catholic platform in America when he invited him to be the university’s commencement speaker in 2009. He also bestowed on President Obama an honorary doctorate of law — all while flipping the bird to the dozens of bishops who asked him not to so honor a man whose commitment to the culture of death included fighting any limit on partial-birth abortion. Indeed, in his introduction of the president, Father Jenkins assured the nation that talking to those of different views to find common ground was a “principle we share.”

Read the rest here. For one progressive Catholic who has remained firm, read Michael Sean Winters. He took the lead on this issue with a post called J’Accuse, and posted this today as a follow-up. Another taste:

Mr. Obama and his advisors decided to walk out on this limb, I didn’t. They chose to punch us Catholics in the nose. If they are now feeling the heat of a backlash they were warned about, that’s how politics works. Their political predicament was foreseeable and they made their choice. I do not want to sit down to negotiations with them unless and until there is a little blood coming from their nose too.