The Fail Room

It matters what you call things. Especially if you’re an Alabama fan. From the Failure blog:

In December 2008, the visitors’ locker room at Alabama’s home field was christened “The Fail Room” (in honor of benefactor James M. Fail), and Crimson Tide opponents have experienced precious little success in the years since.

In fact, visiting teams lost 19 of 21 games between…

  1. Cunctator

    Unrelated, then there’s that other name – “To the disappointment of all Harvard undergraduates, the late Harvard President Leonard Hoar (3rd president of Harvard College) has not yet had a house named after him (Hoar House).”

  2. Western Chauvinist

    If this is true, I guess Republicans should nominate Steve Wynn for president next time around.

  3. Jimmy Carter

    Is Guadagno taken into account that a Man Who was actually named Fail was somewhat successful?

  4. Rachel Lu
    Melanie Graham: The Tide lost on Saturday and I’m sure you are posting this just to hurt me. · 3 hours ago

    I was just going to say… your timing’s a little off, Rob. Apparently A&M didn’t get the “fail” memo. Though I, as a Notre Dame fan, do not in the least mind the sweet reminder.

  5. Arahant
    Melanie Graham: The Tide lost on Saturday and I’m sure you are posting this just to hurt me. · 3 hours ago

    It would be right kind of them to lose again on the 24th instant.

  6. Scott R

    “Women will remember in November!”

    That was a bumper sticker that appeared a lot around here for the last year. Remember …. what?!? Didn’t matter. There had to be some outrage inflicted upon women that they should remember and vote for Obama in November.

    And so they did.

  7. Muleskinner

    Are you sayin’ that Aggies are too dumb to read the label?

    Gig ‘Em!

  8. Arahant

    I once had a consulting gig that took me to Texas and I had to translate the back-and-forth of the Longhorn and Aggie jokes to the lead from New Jersey.  That was more fun than the day the pigs et my little brother!

  9. Palestrina

    A&M’s victory was a welcome bright light in an otherwise dreary week. My guess is the team refused to be labeled by the opposition. (As an aside for those who might not know, A&M regularly ranks very high on lists of the nation’s most conservative universities.)

    Gig ‘Em Aggies, looking forward to 3 more years of Johnny Football!

  10. Rob Long

    Yes! Sorry! I’m on the NR cruise — this comment is costing me HUGE Internet connection charges — and I did write it on Friday, for posting yesterday. Melanie, it never occurred to me that the Crimson Tide would falter. My apologies.

  11. Esau

    The GOP fell into a trap. By constantly lauding the entrepreneurial class, protecting small businesses (and not so small ones) from tax increases, and firing back at “you didn’t build that,” they made working class and loads of middle class voters feel like they’re contributions were unworthy to the business owners by comparison.

  12. Palestrina

    “Falter”? There we go again, losing the language.

  13. BlueAnt

    Wait, if we call Republicans “the party of the rich”, doesn’t that mean all us poor slobs in the party would become rich?

    Because if so, forget elections, I want the money.  Let’s keep that label.

    Can we also be the party of the hyper-intelligent, the party of the very successful, and the party of the incredibly attractive?

  14. dittoheadadt

    Hmmm, maybe we on the Right then should stop labeling Obama a “socialist anti-America alimentary canal orifice”…

  15. Sisyphus

    Republicans are too punked to take on voter fraud head on, much less to actually be better at it than the other side. But, but, that would be “conflict” and there’s a tee time obligation to be met. A more useless party is hard to imagine. At least the other disgraceful Party of Washington can win.

    Anyone for Tea?

  16. Melanie Graham

    The Tide lost on Saturday and I’m sure you are posting this just to hurt me.

  17. SParker

    I’m somewhat confused by this.  Having weathered the disappointment of not being able to enjoy the dirtier air and water that Romney promised (and Mimsy was so looking forward to running over a few orphans in the Rolls), now you’re telling me I must wait for my compadres down at the club or (the gods help us) Thurston V and his little friends to form a Plutocrat party?  Intolerable and insufferable, if I’ve heard you correctly.

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