The End of Unions?

In my column this week for Defining Ideas, I write about a collective bargaining initiative that will wreak havoc on an already weak economy in Michigan.

The hottest topic in Michigan today is not the presidential election. Rather, it is Proposal 2, “Protect Our Jobs,” which will constitutionalize collective bargaining. Michigan, long an economic basket-case, has started to turn the corner under Republican Governor Rick Snyder, who knows that the state’s fortunes won’t improve if it doubles down on a system of labor law that has proven itself to be a major failure. As the governor has argued, Proposal 2 is a step in the wrong direction. It is a partisan call to benefit unions and union members at a time when many states around the country are rightly questioning whether the special protections for union workers have gone too far.

I further discuss this–and the general decline of unions over the last few decades–over at Defining Ideas