The Emperor Has No Clothes

Dr. Benjamin Carson is an incredible man with a fascinating life story, about which a movie was made starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

He is one of the most accomplished, talented neurosurgeons in the country. He came from a humble background with an illiterate mother (she dropped out of school in the 3rd grade) raising him and his brother under difficult circumstances. His violent temper had him on the way to a dark future until his mother intervened. She wouldn’t let the kids watch much TV and req…

  1. flownover



    I am in awe of the good doctor. 

    Beyond the brilliance, there is the message boring down on the party on the dais.  His presence at the prayer breakfast was suitably rewarded by God’s greatest gift – the Truth .

    I bet that put a burr under his saddle, he is beyond instruction and his arrogance in the face of the truth means he was partially deaf when Dr Carson kindly warned him about not being politically correct.

    Someone give this man a call, Ricochet would benefit greatly from a new guest editor. 

  2. D.C. McAllister

    If you haven’t read “Gifted Hands: the Ben Carson Story,” you need to. This is a truly amazing man. When my son was in high school, his Science Olympiad team went to Nationals at George Washington University. Ben Carson spoke. He so inspired my son that he is now studying Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology in college to become a cancer research scientist (and making all As, his proud mama says!). He gave my son, who struggled with self-image and confidence, hope that he could become a scientist.

  3. Simon Templar

    If this has already been posted, apologize for the repeat.  Check out Dear (Corpsman) Leader’s head/chin move at 17:45, in reaction to 17:35-17:44.  When Dr. Carson said, “we have some of the most intellectually gifted people leading our nation,” Dear Leader thought that the Dr. was about to talk about him!  Psych.

  4. Sabrdance

    At first I said -”we’re just reading into this – he’s talking about moral decay, but even demons can talk about moral decay.”  Then he started talking about the deficit and I thought, “OK, that’s a little more specific.”  And then he started talking about Taxes, and I thought “Wow.”

    There might be a lesson here generally.

  5. Percival

    Most excellent.

    Does the good doctor give elocution lessons?  Send the Republican Congressional Delegation – all of them.

    Do it like this, guys: at every opportunity.

  6. Cornelius Julius Sebastian

    Main Feed, stat.

  7. Redneck Desi

    Truth to power! Courageous, as he had better prepare for the liberal week of hate for that. But I suppose if you are a pioneering neurosurgeon, it puts it in perspective.

  8. 10 cents

    Maybe if we had more winsome we might actually win some. Reagan knew this and smiled all the way to the White House.

  9. RushBabe49

    He is on the board of Costco Wholesale.  Why hasn’t he convinced the other members to come around to his point of view?  Jim Sinegal is one of  Obama’s biggest fund-raisers.

    I agree that he should be invited to join/edit.

  10. BTConservative

    Great – thanks for sharing.  That was inspirational!

  11. Z in MT

    A very brave man.

  12. Indaba

    He speaks about lawyers being not the greatest political leaders. Agreed. They do want to win and spend their time by hook or by crook.

    can Carson run for President?

    his description of his mother is so sweet as she makes him write essays even though she could not read but he did not know it. Wonder if it registered with the guests?

    Denise, congrats!

  13. BrentB67

    Thanks for sharing Bereket and introducing me to Dr. Carson.

    I think his message and presentation are outstanding I am just not sure the values he brings up so eloquently – fiscal responsibility, flat tax, etc. are values the GOP shares any longer.

  14. Whiskey Sam

    I remember when his book came out.  Wonderful man.  We need more like him!

  15. Percival

    Obama has gotten more lip at either of the last two National Prayer Breakfasts than he’s gotten at all his press conferences combined. Eric Metaxas got busy last year.

  16. Lucy Pevensie
    Indaba: He speaks about lawyers being not the greatest political leaders. Agreed. They do want to win and spend their time by hook or by crook.

    can Carson run for President?

    Great idea. Except that he operated on my friend’s little girl, and so I’m pretty attached to the idea of his continuing to save kids’ lives.

  17. jkumpire

    Fine words, the problem is it will never make the public square. I get tired of people always cranking on how Republicans speak, the problem is the media filter Republican speak through. Mitt Romney ran a lousy campaign, but his message was good until the media made hash of it.

  18. Mr Tall

    Remarkable — the glare our beloved leader gives Dr Carson throughout this sequence really says it all, doesn’t it?

    The remarks on the flat tax are especially appreciated — I live in a jurisdiction that is essentially flat-tax (i.e. Hong Kong) and it is hard to convey just how much difference it makes. Getting the USA to the point a flat tax could be implemented would be a long haul, but achieving it would unshackle the US economy and make so many people’s lives better.

  19. Simon Templar

    White House reporters are saying that Dear (Corpsman) Leader appeared to be exceedingly sleepy & Sec State (Reporting for Duty) Kerry started yawning about 7 minutes into the good Doctor’s speech and never stopped.  Maybe they’d be better off  to go for the prayer brunch next year?

  20. Fake John Galt

    The thing is that those on the left have selective hearing. I am very sure that what Obama took from this speech would be a lot different than an average Ricochet member.

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