The Diplomatic Implications of Partying ‘Til You Puke

Susan Rice needs to take a moment to think about whether she wants the job at Foggy Bottom. From Time:

In a rather unexpected—or, rather, very unexpected—post on his we…

  1. Nathaniel Wright

    Given Andrew W.K.’s numerous appearances on Red Eye, I’m surprised he isn’t among the Ricochetti.

  2. La Dernière Lettre

    I heard about this and couldn’t believe it.  I’m glad someone came to his or her senses.

  3. Crow

    Given that Bahrain is treated as “Allah’s blind spot” by many of the Saudi royal eminences who routinely cross the bridge to Manamah on weekends, perhaps Andrew WK is the correct ‘cultural ambassador’ (he said in jest).

  4. Peter Van Schoick

    Troy, there’s no question that Andrew W.K. is a poor choice for a cultural ambassador. But I think he’s something of an ironist. I’m not saying it’s good, but I think he is employing self-mockery. Here is one of his piano pieces:, I’m not a fan. But there’s more there than immediately apparent. Plus, I think he came across as pretty conservative on Red Eye, if memory serves. Very American anyway.

  5. Peter Van Schoick

    Little trouble posting the YouTube link from my phone, sorry.

  6. C. N. S. G. P. Douglas

    This speaks to me of a bit of a disturbing trend.  It reminds me greatly of the time Stephen Colbert was invited to a congressional hearing to speak on illegal immigration.  He came entirely in character and essentially made a mockery of things.  I don’t like the direction we’re going.

  7. Anne R. Pierce

    Troy, Ugh. This is  our “foreign policy,”  when it isn’t even worse.  From my blog titled People to People or Anti-People:

    The Department of State, October 31, 2011: The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs announced today a new partnership with the Association of American Voices to engage with people across the world through music.  …. [It] builds on Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s vision of “smart power” diplomacy, which embraces the use of a full range of diplomatic tools – in this case music – to bring people together and foster greater understanding. ….

    I have nothing against cultural exchanges, and think it salutary for people of different nations to interact, to see that we’re all human beings. But the gall! Hillary Clinton laying claim to People to People Diplomacy?” How very progressive – and heartless -  to see relations between “people” in terms of celebrating each other’s cultures, but not in terms of sharing our humanity and caring about each other’s human rights. Cultural relativists in Clinton’s State Department downplay the differences between democracies and repressive regimes and engage in “outreach” to the world’s worst dictators.

  8. Troy Senik, Ed.
    Peter Van Schoick: Troy, there’s no question that Andrew W.K. is a poor choice for a cultural ambassador. But I think he’s something of an ironist. I’m not saying it’s good, but I think he is employing self-mockery. 41 minutes ago

    Yes, I’ve heard that before. I have to admit that I’ve never understood ‘ironic’ careers. One comedic bit or song? That I get. But being Andy Kaufman or Andrew W.K. and having your entire public persona be a vaguely annoying gag? It’s a little postmodern for my taste.

  9. Paul A. Rahe

    Is this Hillary’s way of bidding for the youth vote in 2016?

  10. Misthiocracy

    I love Andrew W.K.’s stuff, and his appearances on Red Eye have been fantastic.

  11. Idiophone

    I’m the bearded dude in the hat behind one of Andrew’s guitar amps in the video. The bewildered look on my face is authentic. I did the recording and mixing for this video and my old company did the video. He took the stage at 5:30 AM that night. Blind. Broke. Bedlam.

    But Andrew is a competent performer and he knows exactly what he’s doing, even if he crushed a beer can on his head and threw it at me that night. He’s a smart one. I got to see him up close (he fell on top of me twice).

    PS: any other music industry Ricochetti out there? I know about Escalante but how about mere mortals like lil’ old me?

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