The Censor as Romantic Hero

I have a new article at about that case I mentioned last week of a student in Canada who called his decision to tear down a “Free Speech Wall” a “moral imperative.” 

I’d like to highlight this point for discussion, as it is a major theme in my book:

The romanticization of the censor is, at its heart, anti-rational. To Smith, it does not matter that the group sponsoring the free speech wall supported gay rights, including gay marriage, or that universities have traditionally been at the vanguard of supporting the rights of LGBT students, or that the student government itself was sponsoring a gay pride week. Smith was taking advantage of an implicit rule of politically correct morality that has become commonplace on and, increasingly, off campus: when someone grandstands, it is considered bad form to question the content or coherence of the grandstander’s message and, instead, you are expected to applaud his or her emotional vigor.