The Acceptance of Aggression Quiz

Humor me by not looking this up, and not thinking–yet—about why I’m asking. I’ll explain later. For now, I’m just curious about how Ricochet scores on this quiz. Add one point for every “yes” answer, unless the question is preceded by an R, in which case subtract a point. 

1. Beneath the polite and smiling surface of man’s nature is a bottomless pit of evil. 2. (R) Human nature is fundamentally co-operative. 3. (R) Most people can be trusted. 4. Human nature being what it is there will always be war and conflict. 5. Life is a jungle. 6. Man is a fighting animal. 7. “Dog eats dog” is a law of nature we have to accept. 8. “Survival of the fittest” is what determines who gets on in life. 9. (R) Everybody can control his temper if he really wants to. 10. I believe in “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”.11. If a man hits me I believe in hitting back. 12. Wars are a good thing because they help people work off the aggression inside them. 13. It’s natural for men to be full of fight when they are young. 14. (R) To be kind and friendly towards others is the natural state of men. 15. (R) If we trust others they will generally prove worthy of our trust. 16. (R) Nobody is just born with a need to show himself stronger or superior. 17. With some people it is a waste of time being soft-the only argument they understand is force. 18. If you are always obliging to other people they don’t respect you. 19. A fighter is always respected. 20. (R) Any sort of fighting is basically uncivilized. 21. (R) Aggressive people are not being natural — they are psychologically sick. 22. (R) It is natural to be considerate towards others. 23. Civilization is only a thin veneer over man’s basic animal nature. 24. (R) It is not natural for man to be destructive. 25. (R) Man is basically a builder–not a destroyer. 26. Children are naturally destructive. 27. (R) Fighting never solved anything. 28. (R) Fighting is never necessary. 29. (R) People who fight to settle an argument are just showing how stupid they really are. 30. (R) Nations don’t need armies to protect themselves.

Don’t over-think it, for now, and if you know or can guess why I’m asking, please save the comment for later so that you don’t influence the way others react.