He Who Must Not be Named (at least among right-thinking Ricochetians) has a great little piece on his blog about what happens to a promising marriage when the two members just grow apart over the years.

  1. Southern Pessimist

    Awesome. Kenneth has great talent. It is a shame he wasn’t able to stick with clever wit in his discussions.

  2. Illiniguy

    Oh, that it could be that easy.

  3. She

    Sheesh.  I thought this was about General Petraeus.

  4. Severely Ltd.

    Kenneth has him some talent, doesn’t he.

  5. Nobody

    He can be brilliant!

  6. Crow

    Lifetime ban did strike me as a bit harsh.

    Ostracism for a time may have been deserved if the goal of the editors wanted to make a point sharply, but considering the number of posts in the mean time that have complained about some aspect of the member feed, and more than a few heated conversations in which a bit of ad hominem has gotten thrown around, I wonder if it mightn’t be time to invite him back come January 1st, 2013.

  7. EThompson

    He does indeed; it’s a great read (as usual).

  8. Canuckski

    I agree.  I miss his posts — they were interesting and of a much higher quality than most.

    Crow’s Nest:  I wonder if it mightn’t be time to invite him back come January 1st, 2013. · 4 hours ago

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