Talk Back to Barack

I follow @BarackObama on Twitter–for you, my fellow Ricocheteers. This morning’s gem from the President’s team:

FACT: If Congress doesn’t act, small business lending will decrease by $540 million—eliminating financing to hire more workers. #JobsNotCuts

You just have to admire the government-as-center-of-the-universe axiom planted in this tweet. Instead of addressing the President myself, how would you reply to Mr. Obama, preferably in 140 or fewer characters?

UPDATE (3:30 p.m. Pacific): The Tweet I cite above is only the tip of the sequester iceberg. Have your young children left the room? If so, read on for additional prophecies of Armageddon from today’s official POTUS Twitter feed.

Share why your family can’t afford severe spending cuts to vital services for kids and seniors: OFA.BO/QxoFAf #JobsNotCuts

RT if you agree: It’s time for Republicans in Congress to protect middle-class families—not tax loopholes for millionaires. #JobsNotCuts

FACT: If Congress refuses to act by Friday, more than 370,000 mentally ill children and adults will go without treatment. #JobsNotCuts

FACT: Automatic spending cuts would eliminate more than 4 million meals for sick and homebound seniors if Congress doesn’t act. #JobsNotCuts

FACT: Impending spending cuts would end programs for nearly 1.2 million disadvantaged students if Congress doesn’t act. #JobsNotCuts

FACT: More than 800,000 defense employees will be forced to take unpaid leave if Congress doesn’t stop impending spending cuts. #JobsNotCuts

FACT: If Congress doesn’t act by Friday, automatic spending cuts will threaten more than 30,000 teacher and school staff jobs. #JobsNotCuts

Michelle last night and now the President. We may look back and discern this as the moment the Age of Obama jumped the shark.