Take It to the Limits, Or, Milton Friedman at 100

Preparing to celebrate Milton Friedman’s centenary this summer, the Hoover Institution has been digitizing my Uncommon Knowledge interviews with him. So far, just one has gone up on YouTube–the rest will follow in a few days–but that one is a beaut: “Take it to the Limits: Milton Friedman on Libertarianism.” 

The format was simple: Milton, then 89, engaged in a half hour contest with a young man seated across the table from him. As the young man asked skeptical questions about libertarianism, trying to make it look shallow or silly, Milton defended it.

Guess who won.

My, but I miss him.

By the way, beginning at 8:23, doesn’t Milton come very close to endorsing just the kind of cap-and-trade program supported by Obama, Pelosi, and, ahem, Newt?