Sure Sign of Local Liberals Getting Poorer

Air Force One on the tarmac at SFO right now. Must be a fundraiser someplace tonight. Either that or a big oil spill in the Pacific that I’ve yet to hear about.

Apologies for the low-res photo, but I forgot my memory card reader so had to resort to the crummy camera on my mighty BlackBerry.

  1. F. L. Booth

    I believe there is a Boxer fund raiser tonight.

    When those planes are in Boeing Military Airplane Company (BMAC) for work the main line of defense for those planes, after the fences, is very obnoxious Dobermans. My old boss was the head of BMAC when those planes were built, and rebuilt, in the late eighties. They had to pull all the wiring harnesses out twice. At that time the plane could knock anyone of off any telephone in the world to cut in. He’s the guy that told me Airbus was going get killed with A380 wiring. He is also the guy that had to explain to Reagan that they wouldn’t be delivered in time for Reagan to use it (them). He blamed most of it on redecorating that Nancy wanted.

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