Step One: Marriage

Has anyone stopped to ask why government is involved with marriage at all, let alone trying to figure out how to define it? Marriage has been around a lot longer than the states or the federal government. So, how does it fall to 21st Century America to determine what it is once and for all?

The problem here is that governments were lazy, making the decision to use the word “marriage.” It is defined in state codes and applied to activities such as obtaining a license to achieve wedded bliss. If…

  1. Bereket Kelile

    Those of us in California know that civil unions don’t solve the problem. This isn’t about equality or tax breaks. For whatever reason, gays want all of us to see no distinction between a heterosexual and homosexual couples. They also want to indoctrinate children into those beliefs. We had civil unions and it wasn’t enough. 

  2. Vice-Potentate

    The problem with the state getting out of the marriage issue is also branding. How do you convince a social conservative who sees marriage as a bulwark of a truly stable society that this is not a capitulation?

  3. Chris O.

    Yes, I know, that is the problem. This would leave it up to the churches, however, who truly should decide how this should be tackled. A church that condones or doesn’t condone it may risk losing a number of parishioners. The freedom to worship as one chooses in practice.

  4. Mister D

    Hey, I married my wife (a happy coincidence – how embarrassing had I married someone else’s wife) 12 years ago and she still voted for Obama.

  5. Chris O.

    bereket, that was another problem I anticipated with this idea. That it isn’t enough to be on equal footing, that people must be forced to endure (and honestly, insert any leftist issue here) the end result and must also embrace them in order to not be homophobic, racist, sexist, or an earth-hater or just all around hatemonger.

    The perception on our side might be that we’re somehow devaluing marriage, but all this does is return it to the protectors that have kept it for most of recorded history. The law should apply to legal constructs, let church doctrine apply to marriage.

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