Stay Dry, East Coast

From a friend’s Facebook page:

Not much more to add to that. There have been some amazing photographs from New York over the past 24 hours. Let’s hope we see more like the one above.

  1. Stephen Dawson

    21% battery left. I hope he/she finds power soon.

  2. Will Collier

    Rob, are you prepared to discuss the week’s other major story?  ‘Cause whether you are or not, election or not, in that next podcast Lileks WILL be holding forth on Disney’s buying Star Wars from George Lucas…

  3. drlorentz
    Shoutingboy: Double rainbow! What does it meeeean? · 3 hours ago

    There’s always a secondary bow. It does not always photograph so well. If the background were more uniform, you could see Alexander’s dark [not ragtime] band. Your friend did a pretty good job, though, Rob.

  4. Israel P.

    Talmudic tradition is that a rainbow is a bad omen.

    When you consider that Noah’s rainbow was a sign from G-d that He would never punish the world with a similar tragedy, the appearance of a rainbow is taken to mean that the world in fact deserves serious punishment but G-d is “reminding Himself” that He made a promise.

    One of the great Talmudic figures (I forget which) was praised after his death, when they observed that the world never needed a rainbow during his lifetime.

  5. Shoutingboy

    Double rainbow! What does it meeeean?

  6. Paul DeRocco

    Looks like it ends right around Wall Street.

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