Special Delivery to His Excellency

Dear Mr. President, 

Here’s your damned barricades. Now, I can understand your desire, along with that of other government types cloistered inside I-495, to avoid having to live under your signature law, appropriately known as Obamacare. Those of us in the productive sector aren’t too keen on it either, if you’ve noticed the polling. What I don’t understand, however, is why, when you were asked to simply apply the law to yourself and members of Congress and then extend to everyone the same penalty-free exemptions you’ve already extended to big business, you opted to shut down portions of the government instead.

Now I’ve seen some fairly petulant types over the years. One of my favorite stories is the one about a new commander who arrived at an Air Force Base in Alaska, and promptly got lost. Evidently unable to find his way around base, he solved the problem by renaming the streets. The ensuing cost of updating official letterhead — as well as the cost to families in base housing who had to order new checks from their banks, send out change of address notices, etc. — constituted an unnecessary inconvenience that was created by someone who manifestly had more horsepower on his shoulders than between his ears. But we expect more from a President.

Mr. President, those aren’t your memorials. You have no right to seal them off from the people to whom they belong, and from those patriots they honor. Mr. President, this isn’t your government. It belongs to us. Not too long ago, you looked us in the eye and told us with a straight face that we didn’t build that which we labored for, that which we sacrificed for, and that which was built by our own hands. You were wrong then and you’re wrong now. You, sir, didn’t build those memorials. They were built with private donations and they’ve remained open during prior shutdowns. Exactly who the hell do you think you are?

Blocking the American people from monuments and memorials that attest to the strength that derives from the spirit of liberty while making an exception for those who have broken the very immigration laws you are charged with enforcing; Depriving the troops overseas of a little taste of home by blocking the NFL while keeping your favorite golf course open; Furloughing military chaplains from administering religious sacraments to the troops while keeping your wife’s little Let’s Move website running; Attempting to close Mt. Vernon; Closing the D-Day Memorial at Normandy; Forcing residents out of their private homes on Lake Mead. These, sir, are the infantile tantrums of a small mind and depraved imagination.

Wounded-Vet-Special-Delivery.jpgTurn your attention please to the photo at left. This man has given more to this country than you’ll ever understand. He didn’t set out to fundamentally transform the nation, but rather to protect it and preserve the ideals that lay at the heart of its founding — ideals you reject in both word and deed.When he took an oath to uphold the Constitution, he meant it.

This good and courageous patriot is bringing you a gift, a memento of your own petulance. Should you ever decide to readmit the bust of Winston Churchill to the White House, perhaps you can place this barricade between you and Sir Winston, symbolically protecting you from those ideals which saved the world, while protecting him from the authoritarian impulse he spent a lifetime fighting, an impulse typified by barricading free men and women from icons of liberty and excellence.