So, Who Won?

So, who won the debate?

  1. Richard

    I’m don’t consider myself a good judge of these things, I almost almost always think that our side could have made the arguments a little better, that regret always makes be feel like we are losing in debates.

    Polling seems to indicate that it helped Obama with undecided voters and it may have energized his base a bit, which is good news for Obama. I think there might be some reversal of the polling trends that have been more favorable to Romney as of late, how deeply, I don’t know. 

    Romney is going to have to get on the ball with the post debate stuff, to try to prevent that.

    All in all, I think this debate was a great argument against having the elongated Republican primary that we had earlier this year. Most of Obama’s ammunition came from things that were said and done in that primary. I know a lot of people were saying that the primary was going to help our side, sorry it didn’t. 

  2. mask

    For some reason the exchange where Obama makes a snide remark about the large size of Romney’s investment portfolio as compared to his is the one that is sticking in my mind.

    Obama repeated the lie that he values free enterprise and people who risk and succeed – except his true feelings came through in that snide remark. His vitriolic hatred of the “wealthy” was obvious. Obama is a typical limousine democratic socialist – he’s one of the 1% elite class but he foments all sorts of class hatred towards the “rich”.

  3. Misthiocracy
    Fred Cole: So, who won the debate?

    Anybody who doesn’t own a television.

  4. Mr. Dart

    Jim Leyland, of course.  But I wouldn’t really call it a debate. Sure, Justin didn’t want to come out of the game but he didn’t argue about it– he just uttered an oath into his mitt.  2-1.  3 wins to 0.

  5. Cuban Mike

    Report from behind enemy lines in Hudson County, NJ:

    1.  Liberals LOVED Candy’s performance.  The buzz around here is that she was very fair and impartial.  I couldn’t keep from snickering.

    2.  Obama did better, but they are not declaring him the winner.  Which is interesting given that these are not exactly moderates.  They are calling it a draw..

    3.  Even more interesting, one of them said that “I don’t know, Romney was sort of persuading me when he was talking about the economy.”

    That last one came out of nowhere.  The individual in question loves Che Guevara and I’ve gotten into some good debates with him. For those not in the know, Hudson County is the bluest of New Jersey.  So much so that you won’t find a single Republican candidate in any of the mayoral elections as far back as 1994. Over and out. 
  6. Fred Cole
    Edward Smith: As always, Fred, you draw a crowd.  Must be that “Free Beer” sign you set up.

    Or people like you. · 10 hours ago

    I just know how to ask questions that people will answer. 

    In reality, all I did was be the first to ask the most obvious question.

    And I wanted to do it early to catch everyone’s raw opinion.

  7. Fred Cole
    Joan Greathouse: why did you ask Fred? I thought you aren’t voting.  · 9 hours ago

    Edited 9 hours ago

    Where did you get that idea?  

    From that other thread?  No.  I’m voting.  All I was doing was defending principled non-voting.

    And I asked because I wanted the raw Ricochet opinion.  And boy howdy, I got it.  After it was over and my fiance called downstairs to me to give me the all clear, I came up and asked her the same question.

    It’s like if someone in the other room is watching the World Series (or the ACLS championship game, I suppose) and you don’t care enough to watch it, but you’re vaguely curious how it turned out.

  8. Doug Lee
    Edward Smith: NPR called it a draw.

    I am inclined to agree.  But does a draw help Obama?  Does it hurt Romney?

    Obama may have needed more than a draw. · 10 hours ago

    As was noted following the VP debate, a tie goes to the runner, which in this case means Romney.

    Polls have been trending Romney’s way since well before the first debate.  All he needed to do during the first debate was look good and not “lose” by much, same for last night and for final one.

  9. The King Prawn

    I don’t know who won, but I know the country lost.

  10. Arahant

    The American People.

  11. WI Con

    Those attention seeking ‘undecided’ voters.

    I’d give it to Obama but not by much.

  12. Tim H.

    I saw the last 30-45 min., and I think Romney did better, though it wasn’t as decisive as the last one.  One thing’s for sure:  I am a lot madder at Obama now than I was before the debate.  

    And Crowley?  Horrible.  Lighten up, Candace.

  13. fldore

    Well it was a win for Obama in the sense that he didnt have another poor night.  But it was a win for Romney in the sense that Obama didnt get the better of him.  Seemed like they both had their moments.

  14. Richard Fulmer

    Sadly, Obama won.

  15. Cuban Mike

    Because he wasn’t a wet blanket, they’ll give it to O.  On substance, Romney.

  16. Steven M.

    Romney in the debate, Obama in the coverage tomorrow. 

  17. rosegarden sj dad

    I listened on the radio while walking and turned it off a half hour in in disgust. They both sounded scripted and lame. Goodness. I fear for the Republic.

  18. Leigh

    Romney was very effective on all the things people really care about; on some other points he was lame to really weak. 

    If Romney had hit Libya out of the park it would have been his night.  He fumbled it badly enough to make an effective draw out of it.  But I don’t think Obama did him any real harm.  Voters are still going to see the same Romney and same Obama they met in the first debate.

    The foreign policy one is going to be tense, though.

  19. Edward Smith

    NPR called it a draw.

    I am inclined to agree.  But does a draw help Obama?  Does it hurt Romney?

    Obama may have needed more than a draw.

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