Slutbags: This Is What Democrats Truly Think About Women – Weiner Style

Oh, the things Democrats say when they think they are off the record! I suppose it doesn’t matter if they are on or off record, because when a Democrat says something nasty the mainstreamers will leave it off.

Thank goodness for alternative media.

Olivia Nuzzi is a young Fordham University student who recently started cutting her teeth writing in the same paper I wrote for, the triCityNews in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

She is smart, aware, and a terrific writer. She leans left, which is too bad because with her looks she’d already be hosting several shows on Fox News if she leaned right.

Olivia answered an ad and landed a job as an intern with Anthony Weiner’s campaign. That’s no way for a young lady to spend her summer vacation. Turns out young ladies agree.

Olivia left the campaign and penned an article for the website NSFW wherein she recounted a story of how Anthony Weiner called each of the women interns “Monica,” which is quite a tell considering his wife’s connection to Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of that, Olivia also stated that the interns are only there to get close to Weiner’s wife Huma in hopes of interning for Hillary in 2016. She also noted the “short resumes” of the Weiner campaign staff.

Daily-News-Nuzzi.jpgOlivia’s story of Weiner’s palace intrigue struck the fancy of the New York Daily News, who in turn put her story on the front page. The Daily News being a tabloid, I’m sure the enormous photo of Olivia is an editorial decision regarding the content of the story and in no way has anything to do with Nuzzi’s appearance.

The tattling by the former intern didn’t sit well with Weiner’s communications director, Barbara Morgan (who — and you aren’t going to believe this after you read what she said — was once the communications director for the New Jersey Department of Education).

The website Talking Points Memo reported that Morgan called the young college intern a…well I can’t write it because of Ricochet’s code of conduct. Actually I couldn’t write those things even without a code of conduct.

You’ll have to read it yourself. Put the youngsters in another room and click the link, then behold the language of the left toward women. Oh my!

Instead of issuing a hate-filled retort, Nuzzi hilariously adopted the adjectives as the byline of her Twitter page.

Morgan later issued an apology, so I suppose that’s the end of this story for the mainstreamers. If a Republican said this, Reince Priebus would forever be forced to respond to the question, “Why does the Republican Party still maintain these ideas about women?”

I did see a link to the story on NBC. It was headlined, “Weiner campaign comes out swinging” and the first line was that the campaign “will not back down from a fight.” I can only assume NBC approves.

Good grief.