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What have you been thinking about? 

  1. Casey
    Joan Greathouse

    What have you been thinking about?  · · 37 minutes ago


  2. jetstream

    Costa Rica.

  3. Severely Ltd.

    Ha! Joan, they caught me napping there. Probably dreaming I was as fit as my Avatar.

    What I’ve actually been pondering is buying a box of books (following PJC’s lead) by Thomas Sowell (following RJM’s suggestion) to send to all our old Leftist friends that continue to torture my wife with their Facebook inanity. I tell her to block them, but she won’t block them all–yet. She will in time, they are far gone (One was Democratic Party chairmen of Maui county).

    Some nasty stuff from people wonderfully friendly away from politics, so you have to chalk some of it up to ignorance. Thomas Sowell could help that.

  4. Jimmy Carter


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