Saturdays! Now Free of Irritating Mail Delivery

The Post Office finally made good on their threats: Saturday mail delivery is about to be stopped. From Yahoo News:

Apparently trying an end-run around an unaccommodating Congress, the financially struggling U.S.Postal Service says it will stop delivering mail on Saturdays but continue to disburse packages six days a week.

In an announcement scheduled for later Wednesday, the service is expected to say the Saturday mail cutback would begin in August and could save $2 billion annually.

The move accentuates one of the agency’s strong points — package delivery has increased by 14 percent since 2010, officials say, while the delivery of letters and other mail has declined with the increasing use of email and other Internet services.

Under the new plan, mail would be delivered to homes and businesses only from Monday through Friday, but would still be delivered to post office boxes on Saturdays. Post offices now open on Saturdays would remain open on Saturdays.

No, see, it’s actually a sign of success. It’s because they deliver so many packages, see? Okay, but here’s where I wonder if we’re all living on the same planet:

Material prepared for the Wednesday press conference by Patrick R. Donahoe, postmaster general and CEO, says Postal Service market research and other research has indicated that nearly 7 in 10 Americans support the switch to five-day delivery as a way for the Postal Service to reduce costs.

So a large government monopoly can’t succeed in a business in which it has zero legal competitors — delivering letters — but somehow can succeed in a business — package delivery — in which it has at least three major competitors. What does that tell you about government monopolies? Or competition? Or American health care, once it becomes effectively single-payer?