Saatchi and the Sly Campaign for the Beirut Airport

I have only a few details to add to this piece by Lee Smith in the Weekly Standard explaining why this Saatchi campaign for Beirut Airport duty-free store is so clever. Watch it all the way through:

Now, as Smith notes, the airport is effectively controlled by Hezbollah:

Compare the “Dabke” video to footage of this recent Hezbollah show of force at the same airport, where numerous Hezbollah security vehicles are rushing the entrance to meet one of their allies, Jamil al-Sayyid.


This was one of the four Lebanese generals once detained for his suspected involvement in the February 2005 assassination of the man the airport is named after.

Retaining control over that airport is essential to Iran. For obvious reasons. 

The only thing I’d add is that Saatchi is the ad firm that brought Margaret Thatcher to power and kept her there. They’re not stupid.

So you bet they understood what they were doing with this ad.