Rush Wins

Remember a million years ago, when the left was super mad at Rush Limbaugh? Refresh your memory, if you like, here and here. The keywords, if you need a little brain-jog, were: Sandra Fluke, Obamacare, free contraception, and “slut.”

Rush lost a lot of advertisers, including one of his biggest, an online storage outfit called Carbonite.

Carbonite pulled their ads from his show, hoping, I guess, to cripple his business. But as it turns out, the reverse happened. From Legal Insurrection:

On August 1 Carbonite released its 2d Quarter 2012 results, the first full quarter after dropping Limbaugh in March. The results shocked Wall Street, as Carbonite did not meet its growth targets, causing multiple analysts to drop the target price. The stock dropped 15% in a day. (h/t reader W)

Most important, in a conference call held on August 1, the CEO David Friend admitted that dropping Limbaugh damaged Carbonite’s growth, and is likely to do so for at least one or two more quarters.

Boycotts, in other words, are tough to pull off.