Rush Wins

Remember a million years ago, when the left was super mad at Rush Limbaugh? Refresh your memory, if you like, here and here. The keywords, if you need a little brain-jog, were: Sandra Fluke, Obamacare, free contraception, and “slut.”

Rush lost a lot of advertisers, including one of his biggest, an online storage outfit called Carbonite.

Carbonite pulled their ads from his show, hoping, I guess, to cripple his business. But as it turns out, the reverse happened. From Legal Insurrection:

On August 1 Carbonite released its 2d Quarter 2012 results, the first full quarter after dropping Limbaugh in March. The results shocked Wall Street, as Carbonite did not meet its growth targets, causing multiple analysts to drop the target price. The stock dropped 15% in a day. (h/t reader W)

Most important, in a conference call held on August 1, the CEO David Friend admitted that dropping Limbaugh damaged Carbonite’s growth, and is likely to do so for at least one or two more quarters.

Boycotts, in other words, are tough to pull off.

  1. Mel Foil

    If you’re a loyal Rush listener, you know that he’s a pretty knowledgeable tech junkie–especially with Apple products–and his endorsement of Carbonite was even more valuable because of that. With Rush’s track record, and his enthusiasm (real or real-sounding) for Carbonite, it was pretty stupid to drop him.

  2. Byron Horatio

    I boycott boycotts as it were. I really don’t care about the views of people that I buy from and I imagine I’d care little about the views of people I’d advertise for. With the exception of people plotting sedition, terror, or murder, money is money.

  3. Edward Smith

    There’s an obscure Facebook page I would love to post that story on.

    Unfortunately, the folks who run Facebook make it too easy for the folks on that Page to find mine and bollux it up.

    Well, they are obscure and have failed, so I feel better anyway.

    What’s funny is that I am not a big fan of Limbaugh.  He mishandled the Fluke affair.  The misleading testimony of a disingenuous activist at a sham hearing became a distraction and a weapon against him and the Republican Party as a result of him overreacting and using ill-advised language.

    There was a funny story about how many condoms were distributed to the athletes at the 2000 Sidney Games (hundreds – for a 3 week event – talk about a dirty weekend!).

    There was nothing funny about the Fluke story.

  4. Michael Lukehart

    Those on the left never put their own money where their mouths are.  Only on the right do we allow our convictions to shape where we spend.  To the devil with Carbonite, use the money for lunch at Chick-fil-A

  5. Al Pipkin

    I also am not a big fan of boycotts, though I did think the President of Carbonite pull a pretty hambone move move on Rush and it seems he’s now paying the price. I am, however a big proponent of ‘buycotts’ and participated in the recent Chik-Fil-A event, having both lunch and diner there!

  6. Eeyore

    I wish I hadn’t just cleared my cache. Yesterday I read an article where many NC stations are dropping Jason Lewis, Mark Levin, Boortz and others as of next Monday. This is allegedly due to continuing pressure from the likes of MoveOn, Media Matters and Color of Change. They are being replaced with Dave Ramsey, Mike Huckabee and Michael Smerconish. The tenor of the change is based on Huckabee’s (I think) phrase “the conversation without the confrontation.” 

    I think they said it was a national trend, as Clear Channel is a big part of it. No more info, but I’ll be looking into it much more!

  7. Kevin P

    i never liked Carbonite.

    that’s why I went with CrashPlan :)

  8. Kozak

    That reminds me. I have to cancel my Carbonite account…..

  9. Keith Preston

    We will see if Carbonite is a true capitalist company.  The shareholders should demand the president’s scalp.  What a stupid move.

  10. Raw Prawn
    Edward Smith: …. 

    What’s funny is that I am not a big fan of Limbaugh.  He mishandled the Fluke affair.  The misleading testimony of a disingenuous activist at a sham hearing became a distraction and a weapon against him and the Republican Party as a result of him overreacting and using ill-advised language.

    Limbaugh’s mistake was the apology.

  11. Colin B Lane

    I don’t think the balance of your post supports the conclusion that boycotts are tough to pull off. Indeed, it’s a boycott of sorts that is negatively impacting Carbonite’s business results. Rush fans who used to be Carbonite customers are using their pocketbooks to vote against Carbonite’s shameful political pandering.Maybe the more accurate conclusion is that unprincipled and contrived boycotts are difficult to pull off because … well, because they’re unprincipled and contrived.

  12. Functionary

    My Carbonite subscription ends next week.  I would have canceled earlier, but it was prepaid.  I suspect that non-renewals will continue to be a significant drag on earnings until the one-year anniversary of Carbonite’s attempt to take down El Rushbo next March.  I’ve looked around for replacement services; there are plenty of good ones to choose from.  Unless Carbonite comes up with some sort of innovation that changes the game, their future looks grim.

  13. Johnny Dubya

    I love it. They are far worse off than if they had stayed the course; as Rob points out, no one remembers now what the kerfuffle was all about. Serves them right. Let that be a lesson; there’s far too much cowardice in the corporate world.

  14. Misthiocracy

    Maybe they should change their name to Corbomite.


  15. Chris Johnson

    Eeyore, that’s an old plan, over a year in the implementation.  Clear Channel has been changing their stations over so they don’t have to give air time away to syndicated hosts.  Anything they could find to paint as controversy, they have been using to try to sweep away their tracks as they switch the stations over.

    They are pushing hard in NC.  I know, as I was back home, there, for a couple of months.  Here in Florida, they would just be laughed at if they switched over to their own hosts on their stations.  Every other station would immediately grab for the syndicated hosts.

    Personally, I want radio to get a serious shake-up.  Limbaugh is ok, but Hannity is just plain lame and Beck is close to zero content, now.  Hannity just repeats himself, for the comprehension impaired, and Beck is just a mess of promotion of his events and books.

    Some shake-up could open up air space for Dennis Miller and other people that I can only get on the webs, or late, tape delayed.  Talk Radio needs a serious shake-up, not Huckabee.

    Podcasts are very nearly the better alternative.

  16. Mel Foil


    My two favorites are Rush and Hugh Hewitt. If Dennis Prager wasn’t on at the same time as Rush, I’d listen to him more too. When Rush has a guest host, I listen to Prager.

  17. donald todd

    There is another post here entitled Tell me why as a taxpayer, I don’t get a say in peoples sex lives.  Given the president’s agreement with Fluke, and the fact that we are expected to pay for her contraceptives, we should have a say in Fluke’s sex life.  Rather than pay for her contraceptives, we should tell her NO!! 

    Of course should she conclude that it is none of our business, perhaps she should pay for her own contraceptives, or keep her knickers buttoned up.

    Rush was right, pretty much as usual.  

  18. Eeyore

    Some time later, Rush indicated that some of the boycotters came back and said “Err…maybe we were a little hasty. How ’bout we come back?” If I remember right it was Carbonite, Shari’s Berries and his flower sponsor (1-800-Flowers or ProFlowers?) to whom he said “Err…no thanks.”

  19. TomJedrz
    Why does this surprise anyone? Why on earth would it surprise Wall Street? One advertises because advertising is effective. If one drops the advertising, the gains from advertising will go away.

    What, did they expect that the liberals would reward them by flocking to buy their product? Did they not expect that Rush listeners would be insulted and would drop their product?

  20. Palaeologus

    Yeah Rush won and Carbonite lost.

    You know who else lost?

    Everyone who had to waste time and focus addressing that adolescent tirade while discussing the HHS mandate.

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