Rummy on Wrestling

You may have heard by now that the International Olympic Committee made a surprise decision earlier this week to keep wrestling out the 2020 summer games (which will be held in either Istanbul, Madrid, or Tokyo). That’s got wrestling fans in a huff. Unfortunately for the IOC, one of them happens to be a former Secretary of Defense.

It turns out that Donald Rumsfeld has taken to the opinion pages of the Washington Post to challenge the decision. The whole piece is well-argued, but this passage is priceless — and a reminder of how much more fun the world was back when Rummy was giving press conferences on the regular:

While I have tremendous respect for athletes of every Olympic sport, it is difficult to understand why wrestling was singled out for exclusion. I would imagine that it has at least as many fans across the globe as ribbon twirling, trampoline and speed-walking.

I’ve got to side with the former SecDef here. It’s Senik’s First Rule of Olympic Sports: if it consists of people inflicting violence on each other, it’s in.