Are conservatives ready to give up? The answer is yes if we’re content with ‘normal’- the normal way to conduct a presidential campaign, and nominating a normal candidate. That didn’t work at all the last time or the time before, and to think it’ll work in 2016 fits the common definition of ‘just crazy’. Falling behind an old, white moderate has already failed us twice. A post-Labor Day campaign didn’t help. We should do all we can now to support Marco Rubio for President. A you…

  1. katievs

    It’s too soon.

  2. D.C. McAllister

    Is Rubio even interested? Hard to start campaigning for someone who won’t run.

  3. John H.

    I see “Hispanic” and I wilt. I’m supposed to like this guy because he’s from a fashionable tribe? I hope he himself doesn’t see it that way but I fear the worst.

  4. Goldgeller

    It’s too soon. Besides, Rubio is my senator. I kinda want to keep him here!

  5. Nanda Panjandrum

    A bit more seasoning seems necessary – being drawn into the “How old is the Earth?” trap – for instance.

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