Rove Picks Romney

Karl Rove picks Romney, from Andrew Malcom’s column in Investors Business Daily:

“Without twelve toss up states (MN, NV, CO, IA, WI, MI, OH, PA, NH, VA, NC, AND FL), Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are tied at 191 each.

“I predict Mr. Romney will win FL (29), NC (15), VA (13), NH (4), OH (18), IA (6), CO (9) and Mr. Obama will get MN (10), NV (6), WI (10), MI (16), PA (20).

“This brings Mr. Romney to 285 Electoral College votes and Mr. Obama to 253.

“These are just my base predictions and I still think several of these states are too close to call.

“For example, while I put them in Mr. Obama’s column, I still believe NV, WI, and PA are in play and very winnable for Mr. Romney. If crowds at his recent stops in these states are any indication of his supporters’ enthusiasm, Mr. Romney will likely be able to claim victory in these states as well.”

A full roundup of pundit projections is here, on

Whoever wins tonight — and I have to confess: I’m very nervous — at least we’ll be treated to the spectacle of a lot of experts ‘splainin’ themselves.

  1. Gatomal

    Drudge headline is killing me. “Exit Poll Boom for O”. I feel sick. Hold the line, America. Hold the line.

  2. Rob Long

    But it shows Romney ahead in NC, which is good.  And CO is a pretty safe Romney bet, I think.

  3. Nathaniel Wright

    My prediction?  It’s gotta be better than 2008.

  4. dittoheadadt

    Gatomal, President Kerry had the same exit poll data.

  5. Trace

    I really want to be able to use that line on Facebook tonight!

    dittoheadadt: Gatomal, President Kerry had the same exit poll data. · 3 minutes ago

  6. Gatomal

    Well, that’s encouraging.  I read a quick blurb regarding a campaigning Kerry and Teresa Heinz stopping by a Wendy’s (you know, like “regular folk”) and she pointed to chili on the menu, and asked “What’s that?”. now, you could blame it on her birth in Africa, although it’s more likely that she’d never had the great pleasure of fast food establishments, much less hearty, but low (or mid-brow food).

    But it’s always the Republicans that are rich and out of touch. I am so sick of liberal’s hypocracy. Living in San Francisco, however, I am mighty used to it. Last election was unbearable. You could hear the cheers around the city, and the cable car operators were dinging their bells incessantly. I cannot bear a repeat. It’s time for me to cheer this year.

    dittoheadadt: Gatomal, President Kerry had the same exit poll data. · 2 minutes ago

  7. dittoheadadt

    Just as an aside, Wendy’s’ chili is terrific.

  8. Freesmith

    “Whoever wins tonight — and I have to confess: I’m very nervous — at least we’ll be treated to the spectacle of a lot of experts ‘splainin’ themselves.”

    And the first ones up will be Dick “I’m Flacking Another Book” Morris and Michael “Handily” Barone.

  9. Pig Man

    Carl Rove is really smart guy.  I’m not sure if his optimistic predictions were based on his true thoughts or just an attempt to keep Romney’s supporters spirits up.

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