Robert Menendez: Media Suppression of a Senate Sex Scandal

Maybe you’ve heard of the allegations leveled against New Jersey’s U.S. Senator, Robert Menendez, but if you haven’t, it’s not for your lack of reading the news.

My friend Art Gallagher, who runs the incomparable blog for New Jersey News –MoreMonmouthMusings – has done a wonderful job of covering the story the mainstream media has not.

What is most fascinating is that the links in Art’s latest work actually send you to media outlets reporting on their own refusal to cover the story. Fascinating!

As you can tell from Art’s column, this story has a video of the prostitute who says she was hired and the Middlesex County Republican Chair has written to the Senate Ethics Committee with flight records of Menendez’ unexplained trips to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the former being where the prostitute in the video claims Menendez stiffed her out of $400, agreeing to pay $500 but leaving only $100 on the nightstand.

The Daily Caller has done some work on the story and FoxNews.Com has a piece up today about whether the FBI is investigating, but since Art Gallagher has done the best job of rounding up the stories I’ve gained his permission to reprint his latest piece on the matter here at Ricochet.

Enjoy the evidence Art puts in his links:


Senator Bob Menendez should be kicking back and celebrating his accomplishments this weekend. He took over the chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee just in time to preside over Hillary Clinton’s high profile testimony regarding the September 11 attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and he scored a 51% approval rating among New Jersey voters in a Quinnipiac poll this week.

But the stories about Menendez’s inappropriate foreign relations in the Dominican Republic just won’t go away.

Early this morning Daily Caller, the conservative website that last October broke the story about Menendez stiffing Dominican prostitutes, posted a story reporting that the FBI opened an investigation into the Senator for victimising underage Domincan girls, in exchange for money, last August.

DC links to documents indicating that ABC News Senior Investigative Producer Rhoda Schwartz was on to Menendez’s exploits last May and that Citizens for Responsibilty and Ethics in Washington (CREW) was alerted to Menendez’s foreign pay to play last April.

New Jersey’s mainstream media has ignored the story because it is considered “thin,” according to one reporter and becauses “nobody cares and we’re too busy” according to another.

USNews reported in November that the story “wouldn’t stick”, in part, because it involved a Democrat.

“You would see a little more digging if he were a Republican. It is the slightest of the factors, but it is still a factor,”

State Senator Sam Thompson, in his capacity as chairman of the Middlesex GOP, wrote to the Senate Ethics Committee in November asking that they investigate Menendez. So far, there has been no investigation reported.