Ricochet Roundtable with Steyn, Goldberg and Long #1: Misty

Welcome to the debut episode of Ricochet Roundtable, the show with a name that is destined to change. This week, our hosts Mark Steyn, Jonah Goldberg and Rob Long riff on Muslim doughnuts, the budget battles, why Lindsay Graham is persona non grata, and the unique, teachable moment Mark’s son recently experienced. Trust us, you’ve never heard a podcast quite like this one. 

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Thanks to Ricochet member EJHill for the swank graphic!

  1. PJS

    I’ve been checking in all day, not patient me!  Whee!  off to listen!

  2. Kennedy Smith
    AmishDude: I like Rico Suave.

    But you have to pronounce it “Rick-o Suave” to get the full mileage out of the pun. · Apr 7 at 11:21pm

    Beautiful.  Cut, print.

  3. John Wilker


  4. Kenneth

    The only prospect more delightful would be the inclusion of Greg Gutfeld – who would fit quite nicely into Mark Steyn’s breast pocket.

  5. Whiskey Sam

    I TiVoed Big Bang Theory just to listen to this ASAP.

  6. Kenneth

    Jonah Goldberg laughs like a dolphin.

  7. ParisParamus

    No, like a goat–said with love.

    The decline theme of this podcast made me think of “hide the decline” Climate change “truth”–no wonder they love global warning!

  8. ParisParamus

    The other thing I thought of when listening to this podcast is something I almost never hear considered:  the extent to which the rest of the world, including EUROPE and CHINA depend on the USA as an R&D lab for creativity and the future–and we’re supposed to be more like them??

  9. Robert Bennett

    Whoever edits the music in at the end.  I appreciate you a lot.

  10. Whiskey Sam

    I want to see EJ Hill tackle the movie poster begging to be made of LBJ coming down off the mountain with the Rose Garden proclamation and a beagle.

  11. Kennedy Smith
    Kenneth: Jonah Goldberg laughs like a dolphin. · Apr 7 at 5:30pm

    Yes.  Yes he does.  And I also really have to wonder what the hell kind of tapes he’s got stashed away.  Three porn ideas in one show.

    EJ came through on the graphic (was there any doubt?), and this formally cements my proposed tagline for Ricochet: A Formidable Cluster.  Fine entertainment, gentlemen.  Bruce Campbell doesn’t say that lightly.

     PS: Dagnabbit, I really wish the FB Puppet Pals could’ve heard the first ten minutes or so on income disparity.  They woulda been hooked for the rest of the podcast.  Ah well, probably wouldn’t have joined anyway, but that part deserved wider circulation.

  12. ParisParamus

    What is “FB Puppet Pals”?

  13. Kennedy Smith
    ParisParamus: What is “FB Puppet Pals”? · Apr 7 at 6:44pm

    My Facebook Friends.  Largely moonbatty, and some struggling with the whole Obama thing.  They seem to like the dash and glamor of an actual conservative checking in on their hallowed forwarded links.

  14. Leslie Watkins

    Ricochet Riff

  15. ParisParamus

    Kennedy Smith, yeah, that’s fun.

  16. PJS
    Kenneth: Jonah Goldberg laughs like a dolphin. · Apr 7 at 5:30pm

    His laugh reminds me of Woody Woodpecker.

  17. Fredösphere

    Rob, you are certainly not the only person who would pay good money for a photo of Mark Steyn in a striped blazer and a straw hat!

    Let the auction begin. I bid 3000 quatloos.

  18. Leslie Watkins

     What about the name Ricochet Real-Time Roast?

  19. Leslie Watkins

    Or, maybe better, Ricochet Reel-Time Roast?

  20. Leslie Watkins
    Whiskey Sam: I TiVoed Big Bang Theory just to listen to this ASAP. · Apr 7 at 5:27pm

    Me too!!!!!

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