Ricochet Podcast Episode 18: Coast To Coast

From Hawaii to New York State, the Ricochet Podcast goes coast to coast this week as we talk to Ricochet contributor Heather Higgins about her role in helping to elect Republican Charles Djou in Hawaii. That’s right, Hawaii. Then Col. Chris Gibson joins us to discuss the state of his race in NY’s 12th district, and his inspiring vision for the country’s future. Finally, Rob reveals his secret career as a political voice over artist and a third world columnist.

(Hint: The new home of our podcas…

  1. Neal Pierson

    Listening to it now. You guys are quite enjoyable.

  2. mesquito

    I have a very early Saturday gig doing mail out in the middle of Texas, where I live. That’s when I listen to you clowns, and that’s when I’ll comment, if at all.

  3. Aaron Miller

    Just finished listening…

    First, people like Heather and Chris make me ashamed to agree with Mark Steyn, haha. Col. Gibson’s optimism is infectious. I love his assertion that all these issues — taxes, debt, insurance, war, etc — trace back to the value of freedom. They are indeed moral concerns, as are all political issues.

    My main question for the Colonel is: What, exactly, is Al Qaeda? Is it a single, well-defined organization we face? Or is it a network of groups with easily replaced leaders, a malleable cause, and no fixed base of operations? I wonder sometimes if we’re fighting a specific enemy or just smashing sand castles.

    I agree that it takes a special person to inspire others to make sacrifices, and America desperately needs such people.

    I agree with Rob that Europe will face a violent conflict (though I expect it will be preceded by a World War). Europeans might be tired idealists, but they’re also human. Human beings are ever capable of violence and hate. Peter, cultural borders are not political borders. If nationalism reawakens in Europe, it might stress the political lines drawn and respected so long ago.

    And all candidates should use YouTube. It’s free!


  4. Robert Bennett

    Rob “only has a man crush on people of Presidential timber”. That was the best line of this episode. I can’t wait until 2012 when you guys are interviewing Presidential candidates.

  5. Charles Allen

    I finally got to listen to Episode 18 as I did things around the house & yard today. Enjoyable as always, even without your galavanting Granite State resident!

    A big HUAH! out to Col Gibson, and best wishes to him on his campaign. I was intrigued by his determination to not ‘double-dip’ while serving in the Congress. As someone who is perilously close to drawing military retirement, I must say I am looking forward to that second check, no matter what my future job might be. I must say he is a more noble man than I.

    Although I would be interested to know how he intends to go about giving that money “back to the treasury”. Of the many the things I have learned in the military, one of them is that it is near impossible to give money back, even if it is given to you by mistake. It is a concept the finance office cannot grasp. Unfortunately, it is much easier for them to comprehend taking money back, usually without notice! I wish Col Gibson well in tilting at this financial windmill….

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