Ricochet Podcast #99: Two Governors, One Professor


It’s our last show of the year, so we decided to go all out: this week, Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana, and Hillsdale’s Paul Rahe (author of the now legendary Two Peas In A Pod post). We look at state of the race, discuss the possibility of a late entrant, chat about Governor Daniels’ new book Keeping the Republic: Saving America by Trusting Americans, and get some insight on Gov. Barbour’s plans after leaving office. Then, a great discussion on Hitchen’s legacy, the passing of Dear Leader, and finally, a brief visit from the Singing Professor and we unveil our plans for Ricochet Podcast #100. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Music from this week’s episode:

  • Winter Wonderland by Darlene Love

  • We Three Kings of Orient Are by Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra 

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Thanks to EJHill for the photo. 

The Ricochet Podcast is proudly sponsored by Encounter Books and their Broadside series. This week’s featured title is Why Progressive Institutions Are Unsustainable by our own Richard Epstein. Available soon at and