Ricochet Podcast #90: Uz Becky Becky Stan Stan


We’ve got a full boat this week as we’re joined by National Review’s Jim Geraghty, The Weekly Standard’s Matt Continetti, and The Wall Street Journal’s Joe Rago. They delve into the debate and the campaign in minute and often hilarious detail. 

We live in amazing times folks, as is evidenced by the fact that you can listen in to the podcast right here in the snuggly comfort of your browser:

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There’s no debate, these are the links:

  • We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Geraghty’s daily Campaign Spot&nbsp;email is required reading.&nbsp;
  • Ditto for Matt Continetti’s weekly newsletter. Subscribe today!
  • Here’s the Romney/Perry smack down&nbsp;from last night’s debate. It’s slightly uncomfortable.
  • Steve Manacek’s post about last night’s debate on Ricochet inspired over a hundred comments. &nbsp;That’s exactly how Ricochet is suppose to work. Well done, members.
  • Islam Karimov has been the only president of Uzbekistan&nbsp;since the establishment of the office and had won three elections in a row which many consider as no more than shams. The third election was the most controversial since he had been elected twice. The explanation given by him was that his first term in office was only five years following the old constitution. We have no idea if Rob actually knew that or looked it up. Debate it in the comments.&nbsp;
  • If you’ve never seen the clips of&nbsp;Mitt Romney debating Ted Kennedy&nbsp;from 1994 it’s here. If you live in a primary state, you might as well wait, as you’ll be seeing it in countless campaign commercials.&nbsp;
  • Joe Rago is an editorial board member for The Wall Street Journal. Joe won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing. More importantly to one of the hosts of this podcast, he is a graduate of Dartmouth College, where he took a degree in American history and was editor in chief of the Dartmouth Review.
  • Arthur Laffer’s op-ed in The Wall Street Journal&nbsp;may be read here.
  • Jay Cost wrote about “the invisible primary” for&nbsp;The Weekly Standard.
  • One of the many benefits of a Ricochet membership is being able to participate in our member/contributor live chats that occur during the debates. They are a lot of and well worth $3.58 a month by themselves. So&nbsp;join today!

Music from this week’s episode:

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Our thanks to the great&nbsp;EJHill&nbsp;for the graphic.&nbsp;

The Ricochet Podcast is proudly sponsored by Encounter Books. This week’s featured title is Regulators Gone Wild&nbsp;by Rich Trzupek. Available at&nbsp;EncounterBooks.com&nbsp;and Amazon.com.