Ricochet Podcast #86: Barbour, Barone, and Missoni

We’ve got Barbour, we’ve got Barone. We talk politics, we talk economy, we talk fashion (it is fashion week, after all). And later, Lileks, Long and Robinson engage in a frank and fascinating discussion on the mortgage crisis and what the government should and shouldn’t do about it. Not to be missed.

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The best dressed links:

  • Don’t wait for Lileks’ weekly Minneapolis weather forecast, get it here&nbsp;whenever you feel the need.&nbsp;

  • The Ricochet Super Feed is the most convenient way to get all of our podcasts. Ricochet members, click on the subscribe icon on the right sidebar on the front page.
  • The oft-mentioned &nbsp;flagship Starbucks in Seattle&nbsp;is indeed located across the street&nbsp;from the Pike’s Place Fish Market. We can’t vouch for how odoriferous it is, however. Here’s the street piano in action&nbsp;there.&nbsp;
  • There appear to be twenty pianos strategically placed across Minneapolis, according to this recent piece&nbsp;in the Star-Tribune. We’re eager to&nbsp;see a video of someone tickling those ivories in January.&nbsp;
  • Michael Barone’s work may be read online at WashingtonExaminer.com. Required reading.
  • Harvey’s Pub&nbsp;as it existed through the 19th and 20th century in Washington DC. It is no longer with us.&nbsp;
  • Madge Gates Wallace&nbsp;was Bess Truman’s mother. She doesn’t look like a battle axe to us.
  • Michael and Mitt both attended the exclusive Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfeld, Michigan. Here’s a shot of Mitt&nbsp;from that time in which he looks suspiciously like Greg Marmalard&nbsp;from Animal House.
  • From here on out, we will refer to Michael Barone as the human link generator. He does this all by himself.&nbsp;
  • Here’s the clip of Paul Gigot predicting&nbsp;that Christie will get into the race. We remain unconvinced. Feels more like media-driven wishful thinking.&nbsp;
  • Want to create your own electoral college scenarios? We recommend 270toWin.com.
  • Missoni’s debut on Target.com famously crashed their website when it debuted on last Tuesday.&nbsp;
  • We’re not going to provide any links on this discussion of the mortgage crisis, because, well, we really just want you just to listen to it and comment below.&nbsp;

Music from this week’s episode:

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Thanks to EJHill for the graphic.

The Ricochet Podcast is proudly sponsored by Encounter Books. This week’s featured title is&nbsp;Confronting Terror: 9/11 And The Future of American National Security, edited by John Yoo and Dean Reuter. Available for all platforms at&nbsp;EncounterBooks.com&nbsp;and Amazon.com.