Ricochet Podcast #78: Headaches

Friend of the podcast Jonah Goldberg sits in today. We cover all the debt ceiling negotiations fit to gab about, take a look at the state of the election, get nostalgic about Carmageddon and Minnesota’s government shutdown, dissect the Norquist-Coburn feud, and never quite connect with Byron York. 

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The missing links:

  • If North Dakota is not a state, then James Lileks (born in Fargo), is an illegal alien who is in our employ (well, sort of). Now we’ll never&nbsp;be able to run for President.

  • D.C. Home Rule&nbsp;has been talked about for decades. Given the types of politicians the district has elected over the past 20 years ago (Marion Barry, anyone?), it’s still a pretty remote possibility.&nbsp;
  • Rob wrote a piece about Carmageddon for the Los Angeles Times&nbsp;and a post about it for Ricochet.&nbsp;Personally, we wish we could have a Carmageddon once a month.&nbsp;
  • The Red Cars, Los Angeles’ network of street cars, were in service from the 1920’s to the early 60’s. While they connected many of the towns across greater L.A., they did not in fact serve Toontown, despite what is depicted in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?&nbsp;Bonus link: the entire movie is&nbsp;inexplicably&nbsp;on YouTube. Watch it after you listen to the podcast.
  • Jonah’s L.A. Times&nbsp;column&nbsp;The ideologue in the Oval Office is online here.&nbsp;
  • The burst of&nbsp;enthusiasm that surrounded the “Gang of Six’s” budget proposal&nbsp;&nbsp;this morning (when we recorded the podcast) seemed to have&nbsp;dissipated&nbsp;by the time we started writing this post.
  • Byron York&nbsp;had to bag the podcast while we were recording due to a last minute work conflict. He’s so hip,&nbsp;he cancelled via text.
  • According to this New York Times&nbsp;piece from 1991, then President George H.W. Bush denounced David Duke&nbsp;as “a charlatan unfit to hold public office because he has espoused racist and neo-Nazi beliefs.” He was right.
  • Scott Pelley recently interviewed&nbsp;President Obama for something called The CBS Evening News. Anybody know what that is?
  • Allen West, you win the Ricochet Podcast Quote of The Week for your bold statement&nbsp;that “I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.” &nbsp;Let us know where you’d like your Broadside sent, sir.&nbsp;
  • That noise you hear in the background? Why that’s Peter Robinson presumably doing a little re-decorating. Sir, the mute button is your friend. Use it.&nbsp;
  • You must follow Jonah Goldberg on Twitter. Not only is he wildly entertaining, he often live Tweets&nbsp;his Ricochet Podcast&nbsp;appearances.
  • Mr. President, if you have to say “that’s a joke”&nbsp;after you make a joke, then it’s not a joke. Capiche?
  • It’s not clear to use who first uttered the line “the Republicans are our opposition, but the Senate is our enemy.” What is clear is that&nbsp;Anthony Weiner, of all people, recently used the line and he probably lifted it from an episode of The West Wing.
  • The Coburn-Norquist smackdown has been going on for a while now.&nbsp;
  • Faiz Shakir is the Editor-In-Chief of ThinkProgress.org.&nbsp;
  • Wait, Jonah listens to C-Span in his car? What a wonk.
  • We couldn’t find the pool scene from Caddyshack, but this scene featuring the great Rodney Dangerfield&nbsp;is one of our favorites.&nbsp;
  • We were hoping to find a “happy to pay more taxes” lawn sign on Google Images, but no dice. Perhaps Mr. Lileks can take an iPhone shot of one?
  • Attention Herman Cain: We’re happy to have our pals Epstein and Yoo give you a call and teach about this little thing called the 1st Amendment. It guarantees freedom of religion, even for ones you don’t personally care for.&nbsp;
  • One of the reasons we booked Byron York on today’s show was to talk about Michelle Bachmann’s headaches.&nbsp;
  • Kudos to Crow’s Nest for winning the highly coveted, much sought after Ricochet Podcast Post of The Week for his post&nbsp;On Anti-Intellectualism. He (or she) wins a copy of this week’s Encounter Pick of The Week. Watch your email, Crow’s Nest.&nbsp;
  • Although to the best of our knowledge, it was not written in 1956, here is Claire’s post What the Front Page of Your Local Newspaper Should Look Like.
  • Consumer Reports is on the case&nbsp;when it comes to Amish furnaces. Caveat emptor and all of that.&nbsp;
  • The French “news babe” (news fille?) and star of those ubiquitous belly fat ads is journalist, Melissa Theuriau. Needless to say, her photo was used without permission and the ads are a total scam. Except for the babe part.
  • Thanks to EJHill for the graphic!

Music from this week’s episode:

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