Ricochet Podcast #64: Hey Now

We’re lucky to have Andrew Klavan sitting in for the traveling Peter Robinson this week, and he kicks things off with a rare podcast chat about theology. That segues into whether or not men are sissies, which can only be answered by the arrival of über political strategist Pat Caddell. He takes us through all the current political issues, including the looming shutdown, Obama’s chances in 2012, and the importance of lightbulbs to Republican candidates. It’s illuminating to say the least. 

A tradition unlike any other, the Ricochet Podcast links:

  • Conservative radio talk host Dennis Prager started his career with a local Los Angeles TV show devoted to religion. He can now be heard in most of country (but not where Andrew lives). 

  • Don’t miss Andrew Klavan’s Ricochet post “Does God Make Smart People Smarter?“ Klavan On The Culture, the weekly videos he does for PJTV are also required viewing. His blog is great too.
  • Ian Punnett is the Saturday host of Coast To Coast AM. He believes in ghosts and clearly wrote his Wikipedia page himself.
  • It’s true: the dust has been removed above the legendary bar at McSorely’s, one of the oldest bars in New York City. The New York City health department demanded it be done immediately after 150 years. 
  • Ricochet member Gus Marvinson gets the highly coveted, much sought after Podcast Mention of The Week for his post “Can We Please Stop Raising Sissies? You’re all man, Gus.
  • Thank you, James for giving us a reason to link to this picture of Megan Fox. This is not gratuitous, it’s news. 
  • Andrew Klavan’s latest book, The Identity Man is available where ever fine books are sold. Highly recommended.
  • James Ellroy is one of the greatest mystery writers this country has ever produced. The Black Dahlia is one of our favorite books of all times. 
  • Our own Ursula Hennessey wrote about the fast times at Yale in this post. 
  • Casablanca. Play it again, Sam.
  • It’s easier than teasing your sister: apparently, the simple act of John Boehner drinking from a styrofoam cup is enough to drive The Daily Kos into a tizzy. 
  • Lindsey Graham expressed his wish to “hold people accountable” for Koran burnings, since, while “free speech is a great idea,” America is “in a war.” When given a chance to explain, he dug this hole deeper. 
  • Voting for judges is controversial. But don’t take our word for it — listen to what our own Epstein and Yoo say about it in this week’s episode of Law Talk.
  • Andrew and Rob are both card carrying members of the WGA, The Writer’s Guild of America. We hope they at least get to have a song. 
  • Pat is correct, President Obama’s approval numbers are holding steady at just under 50%. 
  • Pat mentioned political analyst Charlie Cook. His web site The Cook Report is a great resource.
  • Michelle Bachmann? Why we just happen to have her right here on this week’s Hinderaker-Ward Experience (coming tomorrow). We love podcast synergy.
  • Inexplicably, House Republicans allowed a bill to subsidize veterinarian’s student loans through an extension of ObamaCare. We know who our cat will be voting for next year. 
  • Pat Caddell appeared on episode 39 of the Ricochet Podcast with Governor Mitch Daniels. In those days, the podcasts were only available in black and white. 
  • Michelle Bachmann has indeed made the banning of incandescent light bulbs one of her signature issues.  
  • The phrase “hey now!” was the signature catch phrase of Hank, the Ed McMahon-ish side kick to the fictional talk show host played by Garry Shandling in The Larry Sanders Show. If you never seen it, you are in for a treat. 
  • We’ve linked to his blog many times before, but it’s always worth re-iterating. Our host James Lileks runs his own site that is simply fantastic. Visit often. That’s an order. 

Music from this week’s episode:

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