Ricochet Podcast #49: A Ricochet Christmas

It’s our Christmas spectacular, complete with dancing, musical numbers, and a visit from the S-man himself.  OK, we don’t have any of that stuff, but we do have The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin.  Just a sampling of the topics in this podcast:  We solve net neutrality, defend Haley, debate START, get a brief, yet dramatic reading of “True Grit” and end up with a lively discussion of the worst Christmas song ever recorded. It’s our gift to you. Enjoy!

Bullets, better late than never:

  • Frank Loesser’s classic Baby It’s Cold Outside has been covered dozens of times. James mentions the Dean Martin version, but we are partial to the one by Louis Armstrong and Velma Middleton. That said, we recently heard a version recorded by our own Mark Steyn that sadly is no longer online. However, his cover (yes, you read that right) of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You is a must listen (warning: this may take some time to load, but it is worth it). Bonus: Don’t miss Lileks’ post on Christmas music. Update: That’s why they call them standards, folks: by popular demand the links to appearances of the song in Elf and Glee. 

  • For decades, Elaine’s Restaurant on New York’s upper east side was a favored hangout for media and literary celebrities. Through the magic of YouTube, you can see what it was like in its heyday in this scene from Woody Allen’s 1979 film Manhattan that among other things, presages Woody’s interest in women of a certain age. 
  • The Crosby Street Hotel is so hip, it has its own independent film. Poseur alert!
  • We don’t know how much a café ole costs at Balthazar Bakery, but we’re sure if Ricochet based its subscription price on a latte there rather than the more populist choice, we’d be making a lot more, er, dough. Update: it’s café au lait, you uncultured dolt. 
  • Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Mickey D’s oatmeal, but were afraid to ask.
  • Both Richard Epstein and Rob Long wrote posts on Ricochet covering the net neutrality issue this week. Rob makes a compelling argument, but not everyone agrees with him.
  • Kids, stay in school, study hard, do graduate work in an esoteric area of science at a prestigious west coast institute of higher learning, and you too can expect a one-on-one session with Peter Robinson to personally walk you through Ricochet. Offer not available in all 50 states or where prohibited by law.
  • Don’t miss Jennifer Rubin’s blog Right Turn at WashingtonPost.com. She’s now an official Ricochet must read. 
  • Gambino family? We have no idea what Rob Long of Venice, CA is alluding to. No idea at all. Really. 
  • Sure, everyone talks about the START treaty, but how many of you have actually read it? (PDF download)
  • Krauthammer says President Obama is the new “comeback kid.” White House interns, consider yourself warned. 
  • Oy vey, there are various spellings for chazzerei, the Yiddish word for pig’s food or junk, depending on who is doing the translating.
  • Jennifer wrote about Haley Barbour here and here. Her headcount post is here. Andy Ferguson’s Weekly Standard piece that kicked all this off is here. Finally, Ricochet member Sisyphus did me a solid and found the suspect “watermelon” quote. Thanks.
  • Ricochet member Maurilius gets the coveted podcast mention this week for his (or is it her?) post What Do You Believe Is Different About the Left? Well done, sir. Or ma’am. Update: Maurilus outs himself as a dude. 
  • Peter’s take on Our Man In Havana. He gives it a “thumbs up.”
  • All of Charles Portis’ books are available on Amazon. The original movie starring John Wayne can be rented on iTunes or Netflix, which you may confidently download at the highest speeds possible thanks to the passage of the net neutrality act. Zing!
  • Update: a rare profile of Charles Portis was just published by the WSJ.
  • We can’t recommend James Lileks’ podcast The Diner enough. It’s like a time machine for your ears. 
  • The lyrics for The Royal Guardsmen’s Snoopy Versus The Red Baron.
  • Finally, tell us your choice for worst Christmas song in the comments. 

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