Ricochet Podcast #30: A Soap Opera With Hats

It’s late August, so it’s more pop culture than politics on the podcast this week as we tackle Mad Men, vampires, South Pacific, the Drambuie mistake, and the definition of a bunco party. Then, columnist Virginia Postrel joins us for an boots-on-the-ground report of the LA Obama-Jam, why Michelle isn’t Jackie, the allegedly non-functioning U.S. Senate, and the Target controversy. So sit back and grab a martini: it’s a podcast best enjoyed shaken, not stirred.

And now the links:

  • Behold the mistakenly delivered bottle of Drambuie!

  • You Only Live Twice on IMDB
  • Production Designer Ken Adam’s Wikipedia entry
  • Justin Bieber sings slowly
  • George Packer’s New Yorker piece on the broken U.S. Senate
  • Todd Purdum’s similarly themed article in Vanity Fair
  • Virginia Postrel’s Atlantic piece on Obama and glamour
  • Jeri Ryan makes Lileks’ life worth living
  • The dog barking in the background is Rob’s beloved Lab Illy

Music from this week’s episode:

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