Ricochet Mobile

“I’ve got Peter Robinson in the palm of my hand”

“I’ve got Rob Long at my fingertips”


  1. I think you’re taking it a bit too literally. 

  2. Mama Toad

    That may be so, Blue Yeti, but I must confess to feeling a little of what Nick Stuart is feeling when I see those ads, and kind of glad I don’t have a mobile device other than my laptop. Peter Robinson and Rob Long on my lap. Top. Ewww. (No disrespect to either worthy gentleman…)

  3. Palaeologus

    Don’t dig the hand-held action? That’s okay, because with Ricochet Classic you can have James Lileks on your laptop whenever you want.

  4. Mama Toad

    Paleologus, that is an even more disturbing idea… 


  5. Nick Stuart

    Just teasing Blue, I have Ricochet Mobile and it is a lifesaver at work. The RM icon has pride of place on my mobile home page.

  6. Full disclosure: I wrote both of those ads, and that angle never occurred to me. But if they got your attention enough to post and comment on, then I declare them a success! ;-)

  7. EJHill
    Mama Toad: Paleologus, that is an even more disturbing idea…

    Mama Toad done be raidin’ my archives again!

  8. Mama Toad

    I hope you don’t mind too much EJHill — think of it as homage to a great master?

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