Ricochet Migrating to New Servers

Esteemed members and readers of Ricochet,

I’m happy to announce we’ve been working on much-needed changes to our infrastructure at Ricochet, and we hope to migrate to new servers in the next week or two.

There may be some temporary disruptions in the service, but please be patient; these are typical during such a big transition.

After the transition, you should experience:

  • A faster site overall

  • Much faster posting times (less than 10 seconds to be sure; but in our tests,…
  1. Misthiocracy


    I’ve been tempted to write angry emails about how often I get errors when trying to post comments, but I’ve always held off cuz “Ricochet is so damned cute with those big sad eyes, I could never stay mad at you.”

  2. Jim Chase

    Sweet.  Can’t wait. 

  3. Good Berean

     Muchas gracias, BSA!

  4. Kenneth

    2 seconds instead of 30?  That means I can be 15 times more irritating!!!

  5. Douglas

    Good to hear. I’m curious if you’re going to stick with a Linux/Apache setup, or move to another Nix or Windows Server.

  6. Johnny Hammerstock

    Kenneth. What are you talking about? More Cowbell!! 

  7. Spin

    Do Give us some technical details…

  8. Jimmy Carter
    Good Berean:  Muchas gracias, BSA! · May 17 at 3:54pm

    Yer in Internet. Speak English like Interneticans. 

  9. Charlotte

    Gimme a B! Gimme an S! Gimme an A! Yay, BSA!

  10. Busy System Admin
    Ken Owsley: Do Give us some technical details… · May 17 at 6:00pm

    Well, we’re on a LAMP stack, and will continue to be.  We’re not giving too many other details other than to say we’ve moved to a different server size and layout and are using a third-party configuration (better tested) instead of home-grown.

  11. Fredösphere

    Waaaaaait a minute–you create a conservative website, and the first thing you want to do is to change it????????

    Transaction failures are a tradition around here. They’re an integral part of the rich mosaic of cultural norms we have come to expect down through the long months this site has been up. Do not take them away from us. We can’t stand change.

  12. Varun Vijay

    Could you please add daily and weekly newsletter feature.



  13. dreamlarge
    Busy System Admin:

    • Much faster posting times (less than 10 seconds to be sure; but in our tests, as little as 2 seconds).

    Thank you for the improvements.

    I have to laugh at the much faster speeds….10 seconds.  I think I’ve been able to actually post on this board less than a full handful of times because I time out.  I have FIOS.  *shakes fist at FIOS* 

    When I time out I curse and then say, “It’s Allah’s will.”  (something I heard once to explain a paper jam. So I use it at will. )

    Fact is, sometimes I can use a pause before I post.  So,  I guess I’m saying….look out y’all.

    I can already feel the difference.  Wheeeeee!

  14. ParisParamus

    I complained about this earlier today on the FB feed.  What I would really love to know is why the site was always so slow, like from day one.

  15. Canuckski

    Nice.  I’ve been wondering about Ricochet’s scalability against anticipated growth.  I’m in IT, so if you need any UAT or even BA skills (at an earlier stage), just ping me and I’d be glad to help.  This is definitely one resource to which I’d happily commit time.

  16. Florida Pundit

    Thanks for the improvement. I oversee upgrades like this in my work and know the challenges. I am just starting to change from a passive observer to an active contributor and look forward to help contribute to the growth of Ricochet without technology limitations.

  17. Duane Oyen

    I still wanna know why the logo is lefty blue.  BSA, technical genius and all around goodfella that he is, still owes us an explanation of that one.

  18. Busy System Admin
    Israel P.: Will it stop asking me to log in multiple times during a single session?

    I have no guarantees on that.  This is another really annoying bug that I’ve spent days on with no clear leads.  Basically, under certain conditions, the software thinks your session cookie is gone (or deletes it itself) and that forces a new login.  I haven’t been able to trace it to the real cause.

    However, one of the known conditions that causes it is clicking on images in conversations.

    We do hope this migration will put us on a better footing to address the login issue soon.  As I mentioned, we’ll be using a more widely tested and supported third-party configuration of the software platform.  Once we are on that configuration, we can request support for issues such as this login issue.  So… it may not happen right away but we do want to address it, and this is one of the steps to getting there.

  19. Busy System Admin
    Duane Oyen: I still wanna know why the logo is lefty blue.  BSA, technical genius and all around goodfella that he is, still owes us an explanation of that one. · May 18 at 8:47am

    By the way, I never liked the fact that Republicans got stuck with red and Democrats with blue.  Remember, Red is the color of communism, of revolution, of blood.  It should suit liberals a lot better than conservatives.

    Before the 2000 election, I seem to recall the colors were sometimes assigned the other way around in electoral maps.  There was no fixed convention about which party was which color.  If anything, blue was originally assigned to the Republicans and red to the Democrats.

    The networks foisted the current color association on us in the 2000 elections.  And in the dragged-out challenge of that election, the color got drilled into our heads by force of pure repetition until it became the established convention.

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