Richard Epstein

Anyone who doesn’t listen to the Law Talk podcasts is missing a lot. While Troy Senik and John Yoo are very good, Richard Epstein is remarkable. He speaks rapidly, but never stumbles, and never seems to take a breath. His sentences are packed with apposite adjectives and always make excellent points. Give Law Talk a try, I think you’ll enjoy it no matter where your interests run.

  1. Troy Senik, Ed.

    I’d make one slight modification: Richard and John are superb. I’m simply a facilitator.

    It’s easy to give the manager a lot of credit when the hitting and pitching are outrageously good. But my performance is almost entirely a function of the brilliance that surrounds me on this show.

    Many, many thanks for your kindness.

  2. HVTs

    As Troy said at a recent Ricochet meet-up, Prof. Epstein speaks in paragraphs. {:-)  I feel great sympathy for his students trying to take notes during his lectures.

  3. tabula rasa

    Epstein has more ideas per minute than I do per day.

  4. Troy Senik, Ed.

    I think I probably meant monographs.

    HVTs: As Troy said at a recent Ricochet meet-up, Prof. Epstein speaks in paragraphs. {:-)  · 15 minutes ago

  5. tabula rasa

    Troy:  Is he the smartest man you’ve ever met?  And I don’t mean to take anything from John Yoo.  But Epstein is simply a phenom. And, despite being very smart, he has a terrific sense of humor.

  6. Jason P. Smith

    Couldn’t agree more, Joseph. I became a Ricochet member so I could keep listening to Law Talk, and I’d pay the $3 and change every month to listen that alone.

    Thankfully, I get much more than that for my money here at Ricochet.

  7. Matthew Gilley

    Agreed.  And, Joseph, a hearty Spartanburg hello from a fellow South Carolinian!

  8. Severely Ltd.

    I agree that John and Troy are very good, and I’d listen to the LawTalk if it were only the two, but Richard Epstein is, as you say, remarkable. Literally remarkable, as my wife will attest. I parrot his wisdom to her and I feel pretty smart doing it.

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