Richard Epstein Behind Enemy Lines

Our own Richard Epstein schools a hapless PBS News Hour correspondent on basic economics. Not to be missed. P.S. For more from Richard (and John Yoo) listen to Law Talk. 

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  1. Mark Wilson

    Household income, eh?&nbsp; How many people are in those shrinking households?

  2. Stu In Tokyo

    Rock Star!

  3. Percival
    ParisParamus: Would love to set this video up on a large tv screen at Zuccoti Park and see what happens ;-) · Oct 26 at 9:16pm

    I know what it would sound like.&nbsp; All those heads exploding – it would sound just like popcorn popping.

    The look on the interviewer’s face was priceless.&nbsp; It was a non-verbal&nbsp; “but…but…but….”

  4. Chris Campion

    I think Epstein was just getting warmed up.

    The re-distribution patriarchy has literally funneled trillions since the 1960′s, and we’re still seeing (according to them) a growing separation between the “wealthy” and the other, lower, potato-grubbing classes.&nbsp; So, to fix this, we must stomp on the re-distribution accelerator, to do even more with those who have less, by taking it from those who, in the name of fairness and justice, pay a whoppingly disproportionate share of the overall tax bite.

    Yep, that makes sense.&nbsp; Create legions of Americans who are eternally beholden to federal outlays, will vote for more of the same, and demonize those who actually produce the wealth that empowers the patriarchy to distribute it, and the Circle of Imploding Lunacy is complete.&nbsp; Re-distribution does not increase liberty, re-distribution diminishes liberty.&nbsp; It diminishes expectations in the individual, the expectations he or she should have for him/herself, because they know that someone else will catch them when they fall.&nbsp; If this happens enough times, this “catching” becomes a right – and then you’ve got spoiled clowns protesting on Wall St.

    Our infantalization continues apace.

  5. Todd

    I just noticed at the end of the segment,the host said “That was libertarian law professor, Richard Epstein.&nbsp; Why couldn’t they just say “law professor”?

    When they use that word, it’s almost as if they are saying: “Yes, what he says sounds good, but remember, he is one of those wacky libertarian types, so you really should just ignore it.”

    Oh well, I give them credit for doing the segment.&nbsp;

  6. Pseudodionysius

    Libertarian is East Coast shorthand for “birther with a law degree”.

  7. SteveS
    Troy Senik: As someone who has the pleasure of interviewing Richard on a regular basis — and the advantage of doing so as a friend, admirer, and intellectual sympathist — my utter reverence for this performance is matched only by my lack of surprise.

    I do wish our friend from PBS had called me up prior to his appointment with Professor Epstein. I would have been happy to have told him that interviewing Richard — particularly with such a facile line of questioning — is like drinking from a fire hose.

    Bravo, professor. Bravo. · Oct 26 at 8:51pm

    Edited on Oct 26 at 08:51 pm

    Troy, as a faithful listener to “Law Talk” you have described Richard perfectly.

    I’m enthralled at times by his ability to talk intelligently, at such length, about almost any subject without any wasted words.&nbsp;

    Richard is a lot of meat with a lot of potatoes!

    He is a treasure, of that there is no doubt.

  8. SteveS
    dittoheadadt: Eight minutes fifty-eight seconds of meat ‘n potatoes.&nbsp; Felt like he didn’t waste a single word or breath.&nbsp; The video was over before I knew it. · Oct 26 at 10:44pm

    Yes, Richard is truly a Steak and a Bake, for sure!

  9. Severely Ltd.

    The most glaring inequality on display in that interview is that of brain cells between Richard Epstein and the interviewer.

    Redistribute brainpower!

  10. SteveS

    Professor Epstein reveals the chasm that separates a learned man who rises methodically to sustained eminence based on his efforts from one who rises quickly, effortlessly through flattery and praise with an eventual descent to obscurity.&nbsp;

  11. Sisyphus

    Richard is master of the art of talking without drawing a breath. To paraphrase W on Iran, where are Europe’s Epsteins? India’s Epsteins? Japan’s Epsteins?

  12. SpinozaCarWash

    Simply magnificent.&nbsp; Professor Epstein is an amazing support to conservatives and libertarians at NYU Law School!

  13. Todd

    Stunning.&nbsp; Brilliant.&nbsp; Magnificent.&nbsp;

  14. Sam Dominguez

    &nbsp;As has been mentioned Thomas Sowell would see that first slide and say “Households don’t have incomes! Only Individuals!” Can’t you just see that poor slob scooting as far back into his chair as he can, as the “Fire Hose of Fact” gives him a wash down. I love it!

  15. Pseudodionysius

    John Yoo levelled Jon Stewart and now Richard Epstein goes “Austin 3:16 minus the hell yeah” on the poor farm team batboy from PBS. How long before the FCC issues a restraining order?

  16. EJHill

    Kudos to the producer that put this on the air. And condolences on your unexpected dismissal from PBS…

  17. Steven Drexler
    Cas Balicki: What we saw here was a class ‘A” beat down. Thank you Prof. Epstein. I enjoyed it so much I’m going to watch it again and again. And to think people want to defund PBS.&nbsp; · Oct 26 at 9:08pm

    No, no, no.&nbsp;-&nbsp;That’s wrong, and unfair, Cas. PBS needs to get at least a little credit for fair editing, and actually allowing Prof. Epstein to speak. You know Martin Bashir would have been interrupting every seven seconds with his inane counter-arguments and dime store wisdom. PBS played it straight here, and they deserve kudos for that.

    Professor Epstein was fantastic, but I expected nothing less.

  18. James Gawron

    “You do not make the Poor rich by making the Rich poor.”&nbsp; I think I’ll remember Richard Epstein quoting Abe Lincoln.&nbsp; Thanks for this.&nbsp;

  19. Starve the Beast

    Just awesome.

    That’s what I aspire to. Being able to state succinctly and clearly what my positions are, and to do it on demand that way.

  20. R0bert Scott

    Imagine having a candidate for the presidency with half of Professor Epstein’s brains and conviction.&nbsp; (Sigh)

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