Rich Kids Occupy Wall Street—No Kidding!

It took an official study to prove something most Conservatives assumed already—Occupy Wall Street was a sham.

Sociologists at the City University of New York have found—surprise, surprise—that the protesters had more in common with the 1 percent than the downtrodden 99. More than a third of the demonstrators in New York lived in households with annual incomes greater than $100,000. More than two-thirds were employed professionals, and 76 percent were college educated—of those, 28 percent had attended elite universities.

The study also found that many protesters had been involved in political demonstrations before, and far from being grass-roots and spontaneous, Occupy Wall Street had been carefully planned by committed activists. Can anyone say, rent-a-mob bought and paid for by

There also seemed to be a “disproportionate number of men,” 55 percent, and most of those were white. 

“It’s a pretty affluent demographic and highly educated,” said Professor Ruth Milkman, one of the study’s authors. “Many were the children of the elite, if you will.”

These precious “elites” weren’t homeless either, and despite their defecating on the sidewalks and watering the bushes, they actually had bathrooms at their disposal. Most of those under 30 had homes just around the corner even though they had been laid off or were underemployed (despite those highfalutin degrees). Nearly a quarter worked fewer than 35 hours a week.

Thanks to the CUNY sociologists we know now that all those tents were just part of a big kumbay-lib camp-out—but Conservatives knew that already.

So the truth is out, but, in the words of Hillary Clinton, what does it matter? The protests worked, and if Republicans continue to kowtow to such faux force and manipulated madness, they’ll probably work again.